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How to spell DIVIIS correctly?

If you accidentally typed "diviis" instead of "divis", here are some correct suggestions. "Divas" is the plural form of "diva", meaning exceptionally talented female performers. "Dividers" are objects used to separate or divide spaces. "Divests" refers to the act of selling off possessions or shares.

List of suggestions on how to spell diviis correctly

  • civics I took a civics class last semester to learn about the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen.
  • Davids David's artwork was displayed in the gallery for all to admire.
  • Davies Mr. Davies is the best art teacher in the school.
  • Davis Davis is a talented artist who often uses vibrant colors in his paintings.
  • davits The sailboat was securely anchored using the davits on the deck.
  • devils The devils in our minds often hold us back from achieving our true potential.
  • digits My phone number contains seven digits.
  • divans The elegant living room was adorned with luxurious divans for guests to relax and unwind.
  • divas The two pop divas are known for their incredible vocal talents.
  • divers The group of divers explored the colorful coral reef, marveling at the variety of marine life they encountered.
  • dives He confidently dives into the pool, displaying his impressive skills.
  • divide The students were asked to divide into groups of four for the group project.
  • divides The river divides the city into east and west sections.
  • Divine The sunlight filtering through the trees created a divine glow in the forest.
  • divine The sunset over the ocean was a breathtaking display of divine beauty.
  • divines The spiritual leader divines messages from the gods to guide the community.
  • diving I am certified in scuba diving and cannot wait to explore the ocean reefs.
  • divots The golf course was littered with divots, evidence of the passionate players who had come before.
  • DIVS The web developer used CSS to style the divs on the webpage.
  • divvies After dinner, the group divvied up the bill and each person paid their fair share.
  • ivies She spent many hours researching the various types of ivies to find the perfect one for her trellis.

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