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How to spell DOASN correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "doasn" could be "dozen", "doesn't", "do as" or "dosage". It would depend on the context of the message to determine the correct spelling of the intended word.

List of suggestions on how to spell doasn correctly

  • Dan Dan left his keys on the table.
  • darn
  • dawn The birds were chirping at dawn, signaling the beginning of a new day.
  • dean The dean of the college was delighted to welcome the new students on their first day.
  • Deann Deann is a skilled programmer who has worked on several important projects.
  • Diann It was hard to believe that Diann was only nineteen years old.
  • dias The dias was set up in the center of the room for the speaker to address the audience.
  • Dodson I must talk to Dodson about this.
  • Does
  • domain
  • don I don't know who will don the costume for the school play.
  • Donn It's Donn T. Sturm day.
  • DONS
  • dos
  • dose In pharmacology, the dose is the amount of a drug administered per unit time.
  • doss
  • Dost I dost not agree with thy proposal.
  • Dotson Dotson is the last name of my best friend from elementary school.
  • douse After the douse, the area was very wet.
  • down The sun was down and the sky was so dark that I couldn't see the stars.
  • dowse I tried to dowse for water, but there was nothing to pick up.
  • doyen The esteemed scientist was the doyen of his field, with decades of experience and numerous groundbreaking discoveries to his credit.
  • dozen I need to buy a dozen eggs at the store.
  • drain I need to fix the drain in the kitchen sink because it keeps getting clogged.
  • drawn I was drawn to the painting because of the deep blue color.
  • toast I like my toast with a little bit of butter and jelly on top.

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