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How to spell DOBLE correctly?

If you are stuck with the misspelling "doble", here are some possible correct suggestions. Firstly, you could try "double", which is the correct spelling for twice the amount or size. Secondly, "dubbel" is a correct spelling in Dutch, but may not be relevant in an English context. Lastly, you could try using a synonym or rephrasing the sentence to avoid the misspelling altogether.

List of suggestions on how to spell doble correctly

  • bole The bole of the large oak tree was broad and sturdy.
  • dabble I like to dabble in various art forms, such as painting, sculpting, and photography.
  • dale The cottage was nestled in a beautiful dale surrounded by endless green hills.
  • DBL
  • dibble The farmer used a dibble to make holes for the seedlings.
  • doable It's doable to clean the room today.
  • DOB My DOB is on the 4th of July.
  • dole The government provides dole for those who are unemployed.
  • doll My mother gave me a doll for my birthday.
  • Dollie My doll is named Dollie.
  • Dooley My uncle Dooley visits from Ireland every summer.
  • double I always order a double shot of espresso in my coffee.
  • doubled I doubled my salary by taking on a second job.
  • doubles The doubles tennis game ended in a tie.
  • doublet The doublet was too tight and she could barely move her arms.
  • doubly She was doubly excited to receive both a job offer and a promotion on the same day.
  • Doyle Doyle was the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories.
  • edible The arrangement on the dinner table looked like an edible masterpiece.
  • noble The king was a noble ruler who cared for his people.
  • table
  • Tole My house is on the Tole River.

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