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How to spell DOBNE correctly?

If you meant to write "dobne", there are a few possible correct alternatives. It could be a misspelling of "dobbin" (a type of cart horse), "dobbing" (a method of fishing) or "dozen" (meaning twelve of something). Without more context, it's hard to know which correction is the most appropriate.

List of suggestions on how to spell dobne correctly

  • bone I fractured a bone in my foot and had to wear a cast for six weeks.
  • boone Boone is the name of a famous American frontiersman and explorer.
  • Borne The weight of the world seemed to be borne by her shoulders.
  • dane My friend has a gorgeous black Great Dane.
  • Diane Diane is planning to visit her grandparents this weekend.
  • dine We decided to dine at that new restaurant in town.
  • Dionne Dionne Warwick is an American singer, actress, and television show host.
  • doable I think completing the task within the given time frame is doable.
  • DOB During the process of opening a new bank account, the representative asked for my full name and DOB.
  • Doing
  • don I saw John don his favorite hat and coat before heading out into the snow.
  • Dona Dona is a Spanish honorific title used to address a woman who is respected or of high social status.
  • done I have done my chores.
  • Donn Andy was named after his father, Donn.
  • donna Donna is the name of the receptionist at the front desk.
  • donne I would like to purchase a dress from the store, but I can't afford the donne price.
  • Donner My great, great, great grandfather was named Donner.
  • Donnie Donnie watched nervously as his favorite team played the crucial match.
  • Donny Donny loves to go fishing on the weekends.
  • double He ordered a double espresso for a little extra caffeine boost in the morning.
  • down I'm going to go down and get something to eat.
  • downer She was looking forward to their vacation, but it was turning out to be a downer because he had to work.
  • downy The downy fur of the newborn rabbit felt soft against my fingertips.
  • drone A drone is a device used for aerobatic and military purposes.
  • Duane Duane was a lucky man.
  • dune The dune was incredibly vast and exalted.
  • Dunne I can't believe John is dating Cynthia Dunne.
  • tone I'm disappointed with the tone of your emails.
  • tonne I can weight a tonne of potatoes.

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