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How to spell DOINS correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "doins", fret not! The correct word is actually "doings". "Doings" refers to activities, events or actions in general. Whether it's planning your daily doings or sharing the day's happenings, remember to use "doings" instead of the incorrect "doins."

List of suggestions on how to spell doins correctly

  • Coins I found a few coins on the ground while walking home.
  • darns
  • dawns As the sun rises, a new day dawns over the horizon.
  • deans
  • deigns She rarely deigns to speak with those she deems unworthy of her attention.
  • DENS The dens in the forest are a popular spot for wildlife to seek shelter.
  • dines
  • dings She noticed that there were dings on her car's side door after parking in a crowded lot.
  • DINS The noisy dins coming from the construction site next door were disrupting my concentration.
  • do ins
  • Doing Doing your homework is crucial for your academic success.
  • doings I was unaware of his doings until I received the news.
  • DONS The dons of the university held a meeting to discuss the new academic year.
  • Downs In most English language dictionaries, the word "downs" denotes a type of fabric made from cottonen yarns that are
  • DUNS
  • joins Tommy joins the basketball team to improve his skills.
  • loins My loins were sore after the intense workout I did yesterday.
  • TINS I found a stack of old tins in the attic.
  • tons
  • towns "The towns along the coast were battered by the hurricane's strong winds and heavy rains.

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