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How to spell DOINT correctly?

The correct spelling for "doint" is "don't". This common misspelling can be corrected by remembering that "don't" is a contraction of "do not". Other suggestions to avoid misspelling this word include using spellcheck, practicing spelling frequently misspelled words, and proofreading written work.

List of suggestions on how to spell doint correctly

  • CONT
  • dainty She nibbled on a dainty pastry while sipping her tea.
  • daunt
  • dent He tried to fix the dent in his car's door by hammering it out.
  • DICT The dictator demanded that all citizens obey his every dict.
  • diet
  • din The din of the traffic outside was starting to give me a headache.
  • Dina I met Dina at the grocery store.
  • dine I invited Jane to dine with me at the new Italian restaurant downtown.
  • ding
  • dink
  • Dino I have a T-Rex named Dino.
  • DINS I can't believe you said "DINS"
  • dint The dint on my car door was caused by a stray shopping cart.
  • dirt I need to clean up the dirt on the floor.
  • DIST The DIST-ance between the two cities was longer than expected.
  • Docent The Docent will be conducting a brief presentation on the museum's collection.
  • Doing I am currently doing my laundry.
  • doing t
  • doings I heard rumors about your doings at the party last night.
  • dolt The man acting as a dolt by ignoring the safety instructions.
  • don My grandfather likes to don his old sailor hat when he goes out on the boat.
  • don't Please don't park in the yellow lines.
  • Dona Dona was admired by many for her intelligence and kind heart.
  • done
  • Donn My grandfather is Donn.
  • donna I'm not going out with Donna.
  • donne John Donne was a famous English poet of the Renaissance era.
  • Donny Donny was always the first to arrive at the party, ready to dance and have a good time.
  • DONS The dons of the university met to discuss the curriculum changes.
  • Dost I suggest we dost before continuing.
  • dot I need to dot the i's and cross the t's before I can Present my project to the class.
  • doting My grandmother was always doting on my younger brother, constantly spoiling him with treats and attention.
  • down
  • downy The downy woodpecker is the smallest woodpecker in North America.
  • font I need to find a new font to use for my project.
  • hint I can give you a hint if you need one.
  • INT I can't say his name without saying the "int" sound.
  • joint She loved going to the movies with him and their joint friends.
  • lint I forgot to clean the lint from the dryer filter before putting in a new load of clothes.
  • mint
  • Mont
  • ONT
  • pint I was thirsty after my run and decided to take a pint of ice cream to eat later.
  • point I made a valid point during the discussion.
  • pointy It's time to get your pointy hat and pointy cane.
  • stint She had a short stint as a waitress before deciding to pursue a career in acting.
  • taint The scandal will taint his reputation.
  • tint She decided to add a tint of blue to the white paint to make it more vibrant.
  • wont She's wont to speak her mind even when it's not a popular option.

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