How to spell DONGO correctly?

We think the word dongo is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell dongo correctly

  • bongo VI. Of the provinces of Bongo, Calongo, Mayombe, Manikesocke, Motimbas; of the ape-monster Pongo; their Hunting, Idolatries, and divers other observations 52
  • congo In December 1883 he suddenly returned to London, and soon it was known that he was going, at the request of the King of the Belgians, to the Congo, to help to fight the slavers there.
  • dago In this story Mrs. Johnston relates the story of Dago, a pet monkey, owned jointly by two brothers.
  • danger Do you know the danger of what you are doing?
  • dank No. 17. Wer Dank opfert, der preiset mich.
  • dengue Gastro-intestinal canal, condition of, in dengue, 881 condition of, in yellow fever, 644 lesions of, in anthrax, 936 in influenza, 872 in rabies and hydrophobia, 902 in relapsing fever, 413 symptoms in influenza, 866 in mild scarlet fever, 505 in malignant scarlet fever, 507 of septic�mia lymphatica, 1011
  • ding Joe Ding now unlocked the door, and telling Harry to wait, went out through the passage and was gone for some moments.
  • dingo The dam went dry at Dingo Creek, and we were driven back, And none dared face the Ninety Mile when Crowbar took the track.
  • dingy Once more the suffering girl looked up, and her glance this time met the eye of the young priest, who immediately raised his hand, and half-mechanically, in a low voice, uttered the words of blessing; and then once more fixed his gaze on the dingy floor, and pursued his own reflections.
  • dink Why should you have sent them traveling about the country with this impossible Dink, who is nothing but a dancer in vaudeville with no manners and few morals?
  • dodge If thet's the way it is, then them fellers we uns is tryin' ter dodge ought ter be down yonder ter the left somewhar."
  • dodgy She felt a little bit dodgy about going out with him again.
  • dog
  • doge
  • doggy
  • doings
  • don
  • done
  • dongle
  • donkey
  • donna
  • donne
  • donor
  • dung
  • dunk We had to dunk his head in the water to stop the bleeding.
  • gong The whole room rang with the sound of the gong.
  • kongo The Kongo people are a proud and vibrant people.
  • long I try not to waste time on long conversations.
  • pong
  • song
  • tango Jeremy was feeling particularly tango today.
  • togo
  • tonga
  • tongs Put your hands up and I'll give you a good shake.
  • Dang "Ees, dang me! I'll keep my threet, if I shud ha' to hang for't!"
  • Doing
  • Tong It's time to eat lunch, so I'll have tong yau.
  • Wong The Wongs are from Hong Kong.
  • Cong Old South Cong.
  • Diego Remember to write me very often, and tell Diego Mendez to write at length.
  • Dino Yet Dino noted nothing of the beauty around him. He was not in despair now, he was not even suffering; he was worn out, inert, it was as if the apathy of death had fallen upon his soul.
  • Dona When I saw Dona outside, I knew she was the one.
  • Donn Theresa kept trying to get Donn to ask her out, but he was always too busy.
  • Doug I need to speak with Doug about this issue.
  • Donny I can't believe that Donny is going to be at the party.
  • Kong
  • Yong I never would have guessed that Yong was such a good cook.
  • DUNNO I don't know if I should wear this outfit or not.
  • DENG Deng at al present a modification of Simmons cake-cutting protocol which finds an envy-free δ-multi-partition using queries.
  • DONS
  • don't Please don't speak so loudly.
  • tang She hit me with her tangerine Tang.
  • tongue I cut my tongue on a piece of glass.

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