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How to spell DOOORS correctly?

If you accidentally typed "dooors" instead of "doors", don't worry! Auto-correct can be tricky. Here are some alternatives: "doors", "DOORS", "doors", "Doo-rs" or "Dors". Remember to proofread before hitting send!

List of suggestions on how to spell dooors correctly

  • boors The loud and obnoxious behavior of the boors at the party made it unbearable for many of the guests.
  • decors The event planner suggests adding some new decors to the party to make it more festive.
  • dodos Dodos were flightless birds that went extinct around 1681.
  • DOERS In India, doers of great tasks are highly respected.
  • dolor My doctor prescribed me medications for the dolor in my back.
  • donor
  • Donors We appreciate the donors who have helped us in the past.
  • dooms The impending storm dooms our outdoor plans.
  • door Sarah knocked on the door before entering the room.
  • doors I opened the doors to find my car.
  • dopers The doping scandal rocked the cycling world, and many former champions were revealed to be dopers.
  • doters The elderly woman had many doters who cared for her and visited often.
  • moors The moors stretched as far as the eye could see, dotted with patches of purple heather.
  • motors The car's motors were running smoothly, propelling it down the highway.
  • odors The kitchen harbored a myriad of odors, from the pungent smell of garlic to the sweet aroma of baking cookies.
  • rotors

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