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How to spell DORE correctly?

If you believe "dore" is a misspelling, there are a few possible correct suggestions. One is "door", referring to an entryway or barrier. Another suggestion could be "dory", which is a small, narrow boat. Lastly, "dote" means to shower someone with love or attention. Check the context to determine the most appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell dore correctly

  • adore
  • bore The lecture was so dull and boring that it started to bore me.
  • core
  • dare
  • dire
  • doe The doe and her fawn were grazing peacefully in the meadow.
  • doer A doer is someone who takes action rather than just talking about it.
  • doge Doge is a popular internet meme featuring the Shiba Inu dog breed.
  • dole
  • dome
  • done I have done my homework for today.
  • Dora Dora is a beloved children's cartoon character known for her adventurous spirit.
  • dork I felt like a total dork in my brightly colored shirt and mismatched socks.
  • dorm I lived in a dorm all throughout my college years.
  • dory Nemo and his father Marlin embarked on a journey across the ocean in their dory.
  • dose
  • dote She would often dote on her pet dog, pampering it with treats and toys.
  • dove The dove perched on top of the roof, cooing softly into the stillness of the morning.
  • doze I usually doze off during long flights.
  • fore I have to check the fore part of the ship to see if everything is in order.
  • gore The horror movie was full of blood and gore.
  • lore The old man shared stories about the ancient lore of the land with the curious young travelers.
  • more
  • ore The copper ore was discovered in the depths of the mine.
  • pore
  • sore After running a marathon, my legs were really sore.
  • tore I accidentally tore my shirt on a sharp object.
  • Wore
  • yore In days of yore, people used to live in caves.

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