Correct spelling for DORE

We think the word dore is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dore

  • adore One can easily see why the women-folks of this strong man's house both adore and fear him.
  • bore It was enough to say that, for the name bore its own significance.
  • core The first were the ministers, and these for many years had been American to the core.
  • dare How dare you ask!
  • dire But these 'eus' and 'ous' cause dire misery to all foreigners.
  • doe Must I doe so?
  • doer Whoe'er he was, the doer left no trace.
  • doge Subsequently, in the time of the Doge Domenico Morosini, he founded the campanile of S. Marco at Venice, with much prudence and good judgment, and so well did he drive the piles and lay the foundations of that tower, that it has never moved a hair's breadth, as many buildings erected in that city before his time may be seen to have done.
  • dole "And noo," said the Bailie, as they emerged from his place of dole and durance, "will ye step up to the monument, and tak a rest and some refreshment?"
  • done So Reddy didn't use his eyes as he should have done.
  • dork "Bless me, what a little business woman it is! Well, we've both common sense enough not to make fools of ourselves,-but oh, Dork, I do want you so! And if it were not for that foolish, ridiculous feud, we could be so happy!"
  • dorm And now upon the screen is thrown An old familiar form: 'Tis Charlie of the strong appeal, At skating-rink or riot meal, And every mirth-producing reel Awakes the farthest dorm.
  • dory He pulled in his oars and let the dory float amid the ripples.
  • dose I used to have them when I was a boy, powerful bad, but I could jest go out eny mornin and break an ager by splitting up a hundred rails as a breakfast spell; but now I s'pose I must dose myself with some sort of pizen doctor stuff, just because it wouldn't look well for a President to split rails."
  • dote Such is their foly, so foolishly they dote, Thinking that none can their playne errour note; Yet be they foolishe, auoyde of honestie, Nothing seasoned with spice of grauitie, Auoyde of pleasure, auoyde of eloquence, With many wordes, and fruitlesse of sentence; Unapt to learne, disdayning to be taught, Their priuate pleasure in snare hath them so caught; And worst yet of all, they count them excellent, Though they be fruitlesse, rashe and improuident.
  • dove I wondered what his schemes were concerning Barrie, for I imagined uneasily that he was working with some idea; and if I didn't mean to sit still and let him cage the dove while it fluttered homeless and forlorn, I must come out of my corner into the open to fight for it.
  • doze He had just fallen into a doze, with Booty stretched on the softest of rugs at his feet, when there was a light tap at his door, and to his surprise and discomposure Cyril Blake entered the room.
  • fore He jabbed it home with his right, a little below the heart: and in a second the inclosing fore-arm dragged limp across his neck.
  • gore It was found in the centre of a big rock on Innis-na- Gore; and round this rock light used to appear at night.
  • lore Just now he was writing a series of magazine articles on folk-lore music in America, and the girl felt herself the subject of a cold experiment in mental vivisection.
  • more Tell my wife that Abou el Marek will return no more!"
  • ore The root is pounded into a pulp, mixed with a reddish earth like an iron ore pulverised, and again with animal fat, before being placed in the arrow.
  • pore And then 'e came back, and, putting his arm round Peter's waist, danced a waltz round the room with 'im, while pore old Sam got on to his bed to be out of the way.
  • sore Nay, sometimes I was sore put to it to keep my hands from his throat.
  • tore He tore that up.
  • yore "Tis not the sculptor's magic art, "Tis not th' heroic deeds of yore, That fill and gratify the heart.
  • Wore Kitty wore it because of its beauty alone.
  • Dora Mary, you and Jeanie can find me some strips of coloured paper, can't you, for the tail; and Dora, ask Nelson if she can let us have a long ball of string.
  • dome Designs were invited, and two hundred and forty-five were sent in. None of these were considered satisfactory by the Committee, and they submitted to the Royal Commission a design of their own, the principal feature of which was a dome 200 feet in diameter.

14 words made from the letters dore

4 letter words made from dore:

oder, doer, dero, redo, deor.

3 letter words made from dore:

dre, doe, roe, rod, ore, oed, red, ode, edo.

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