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How to spell DORMES correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "dormes", here are some possible corrections. One option is "dorms", which refers to college or university residential buildings. Alternatively, "dormers" could be the correct word, indicating windows that project vertically from a sloping roof. Remember to proofread carefully to ensure accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell dormes correctly

  • dames The dames at the party were all dressed in elegant gowns and adorned with stunning jewelry.
  • dermis
  • DIMES I found four dimes in my pocket.
  • DOMES The domes of the mosque were intricately designed and covered in shining golden tiles.
  • dooms
  • dories The fishermen set out in their dories early in the morning to catch some fresh fish.
  • dormer The dormer on the roof provided an additional window.
  • dormers The house had two dormers on the roof to let in extra light to the upper rooms.
  • dorms The university has strict rules about noise levels in the dorms after 10 pm.
  • tomes The library contained an impressive collection of ancient and modern tomes.

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