How to spell DOROTY correctly?

We think the word doroty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell doroty correctly

  • corot Equally with himself, Courbet, Dupre, Barye, Rousseau, Millet, Troyon, Corot, Diaz and Delacroix found themselves ejected from the doors of the temple.
  • dart The rays dart down with a peculiar fierceness upon your devoted head, depriving you of all your life-springs.
  • deity The storm spoke not to him of Divine wrath or an outraged Deity.
  • dirt It would do the meat no harm-as they intended to cut it up for jerking-and they could easily wash out the dirt and gravel at the spring, when they had got it all there.
  • dirty "They are not well kept; the glass is dirty, and the water, too.
  • ditty Nothing else however would suit the capricious young person at the piano, so Brian, who had a pleasant voice, sang the quaint old ditty of cruel Barbara Allan, who treated her dying love with such disdain.
  • dodo Dodo had come into the room.
  • dolt "Or, yet again, do you suppose her finery was afforded her by Caro?-Messer Annibale Caro-who is so much in debt that he is never like to return to Piacenza, unless some dolt of a patron rewards him for his poetaster's labours.
  • dory "So you're in love with Dory," scoffed Arthur.
  • dot Dot opened her sleepy blue eyes and looked right into the big brown eyes of Don, Buttercup's baby calf.
  • dote What art's for a woman? To hold on her knees Both darlings! to feel all their arms round her throat Cling, strangle a little! to sew by degrees, And 'broider the long-clothes and neat little coat; To dream and to dote.
  • dotty Dotty At Play will be found very attractive, and the children, especially the girls, will be delighted with her adventures."
  • doughty "I'll lick you for that later, Doughty," he ejaculated.
  • dowdy Dressing in fashion will be called vain, And they'll call you a dowdy if you are plain, But do what is right, let that be the test, Then proudly hold up your head with the best.
  • dowry It had been the dowry he received with his pretty young wife, Sophie Plomaert.
  • drafty The window was drafty, making it difficult to stay warm inside.
  • dray Dad suggested that the party be at the Drayton Manor.
  • drool
  • droop She had the droop of a heavy eyelid.
  • droopy I saw a droopy dog on the street.
  • drop Drops of sweat formed on her forehead as she worked.
  • drowsy
  • dry The dryer left my clothes smelling dry.
  • duty
  • grotty I feel grotty after swimming in the river.
  • root The root of the tree is very important.
  • rot She found a rot in the fridge.
  • rota After dinner, they went on a car ride around the city.
  • rote
  • toot I heard a toot outside.
  • toronto
  • tort In America, tort law is based on the principle of culpability.
  • torte
  • tory Her dad is a Tory; he hates Labour.
  • trot
  • troy
  • Dost What dost thou here in my fellowship?
  • Tarot I was given a tarot reading today.
  • Wrote The letter was written in pencil on a scrap of paper.
  • Dora "Shoot across like an arrow to the house," cried Corny, turning suddenly to him, and giving him a kind push-"shoot off, Harry, and bring Dora to meet me like lightning, and the poor aunt, too-'twould be cruel else!
  • Dorothy Then "Where are you, Dorothy?"
  • Dorothea "But there were lions even in the temple of Solomon," cried Dorothea.
  • drolly The comedian's drolly written jokes brought delight to the audience.
  • DRAT I DRAT this game is rigged!
  • DROID I have a droid for my home office.
  • Dorset I don't care about their being Catholics-the Desb'roughs o' Dorset are gentlemen.
  • don't " Don't talk nonsense, sir!
  • Doritos In addition to the production and sales of several worldwide Pepsi-Cola, Quaker Foods, and Frito-Lay beverage and food product lines (including Pepsi and Doritos), this segment of PepsiCos business markets regional brands such as Mirinda, Kurkure, and Red Rock Deli, among others.
  • tarty She was a bit of a tarty.

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