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How to spell DOSGE correctly?

If you mistakenly type "dosge" instead of "dodge", fear not! Autocorrect can come to your rescue. With just a few letters swapped around, your intended word can easily be corrected. Always double-check your spellings before hitting send and let autocorrect handle the rest!

List of suggestions on how to spell dosge correctly

  • dodge I had to dodge the ball during the dodgeball game.
  • dodges He dodges the ball and scores a point.
  • dog
  • doge Doge is a popular internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog with captions written in broken English in Comic Sans font.
  • dogie Did you catch that cute little dogie on the way by?
  • dogs I always think of my dogs when I hear that song.
  • dos
  • dosage The dosage of the medication should be decreased if the patient is elderly or has a history of heart problems.
  • dosages The doctor prescribed different dosages of the medication for the patient depending on their age and weight.
  • dose
  • dosed My doctor dosed me with antibiotics for my sinus infection.
  • doses I have to take my doses every day.
  • doss The carpenter's workshop was covered in dusty doss clothing.
  • dosser She was a dosser, lying on the cold concrete all day.
  • Doug Doug the Sloth loves to hang out by the pool and sunbathe.
  • douse When the campfire started to get out of control, we had to douse it with water.
  • dowse I was doing a little dowse for mineral water before I dug the well.
  • doze After a long day of work, she needed a little doze to refresh herself.
  • duse It was hard to get out of the duse.
  • osage The Osage tribe inhabited the region that is now Oklahoma for centuries.

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