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How to spell DOSIS correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "dosis", fear not, for there are possible correct suggestions to rectify the error. The correct spelling of "dosis" is "dosage". Punctuation marks can also cause confusion, so double-check for correct punctuation usage. Remember, triple-checking your work can save you from embarrassing typos!

List of suggestions on how to spell dosis correctly

  • dais The speaker stood on the raised dais in front of the crowd.
  • desist Despite the numerous warnings, the protesters refused to desist their demonstration.
  • desks The students sat quietly at their desks during the exam.
  • dis Dis is the abbreviation for "disrespect.
  • DISCS I need to organize all of my DVDs and Blu-ray discs on this new shelf.
  • disks The disks in the drive are failing.
  • DOCS I need to fax documents to DOCS.
  • DOERS A group of doers make the world go round.
  • Does I need to know does it work.
  • dogies Let's go see the dogies!
  • dogs The dogs barked at the intruder.
  • DONS The dons of the university gathered to discuss the new academic policies.
  • doors I need to close the doors to stop the noise.
  • dories Please give me your large dories.
  • doris Doris always had a kind word and a warm smile for everyone she met.
  • dos
  • dose I need to take a dose of medicine for my headache.
  • doses The medication comes in different doses depending on the patient's needs.
  • dosing The doctor suggested a lower dosing of medication for her patient with a delicate stomach.
  • doss I found a dead mouse on the doss.
  • Dost " Dost thou understand the task given to thee?" the teacher asked the class.
  • dots I love art, so I make dots everywhere.
  • douses She douses the flames with a pot of water.
  • dozes As soon as he sits down on the couch, he dozes off.
  • dross It's no use sorting through the dross on my desk.
  • dusts Dusts of the Sahara desert can be up to 100 times more harmful than coal.
  • isis ISIS is considered a terrorist organization.
  • oasis The oasis in the middle of the desert was a refreshing sight for the weary travelers.
  • OSES
  • Posies She carried a bouquet of posies on her wedding day.
  • PSIS PSIS, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a serious psychological condition that can occur after a traumatic event.
  • sis She lent me her sis's favorite shirt.
  • toss

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