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How to spell DOTNE correctly?

There are various correct suggestions for the misspelled word "dotne". One possibility is "don't" which means do not. Another option is "dot no" which could be interpreted as preventing someone from putting a dot or period anywhere. The correct spelling, however, is "donne" which is a British surname or an archaic term for "done."

List of suggestions on how to spell dotne correctly

  • dane
  • date
  • Diane Diane is looking forward to her vacation next week.
  • dine I always like to dine with my parents on Spaghetti night.
  • Dionne
  • Doing
  • don Don Johnson was a popular actor in the 1980s.
  • Dona Dona is the Spanish honorific title equivalent to "Mrs." in English.
  • done I have completed the task, it is done.
  • Donn
  • donna Donna is my best friend and I value her opinion on everything.
  • donne John Donne is one of the most prominent metaphysical poets in English literature.
  • Donned She donned her coat and hat and walked out into the cold winter air.
  • Donner
  • Donnie Donnie is my cousin.
  • Donny Donny is really excited to be starting his new job next week.
  • dot I put a dot on the letter "i".
  • dotage She was in her dotage and needed assistance with even the simplest tasks.
  • dote I dote on my cat and spoil her with treats and affection.
  • Doted She doted on her grandchildren, spoiling them with gifts and treats every time they visited.
  • Doter The doter of this document generated from Microsoft Word.
  • DOTES The grandmother dotes on her grandchildren and makes sure they are always happy.
  • doting My mother was always doting on me and my brothers.
  • dots The artist used a fine-tipped pen to draw tiny dots all over the paper.
  • dotted I have a big piece of paper with a dotted line down the center.
  • dotty She wore a bright, dotty dress to the party.
  • down She went down to the kitchen to get a drink.
  • downed I downed my drink and excused myself to the bathroom.
  • downer The ending of the movie was a real downer, leaving many of us feeling disappointed.
  • downy The downy feather on the bird's tail gave it a glimmering appearance.
  • drone It's been several months since the last drone strike.
  • Duane
  • dune The dune was shifting under my sandals.
  • Dunne He is the heir to the Dunne publishing company.
  • tone I hope my tone of voice doesn't make her think I'm angry.
  • tonne One tonne is the equivalent of 2,204 pounds.
  • tote I packed my tote bag with all of my necessities for the trip.

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