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How to spell DOUBBLE correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "doubble" frequently, here are a few helpful tips to correct this error. First, verify that "double" is the correct word you intend to use. Utilize spell-check or refer to a trusted dictionary. Practice writing the word correctly to develop muscle memory and reinforce the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell doubble correctly

  • bobble She carefully untangled the strands of yarn to fix the bobble on the top of her knitted hat.
  • bubble She blew a bubble with her gum and watched it float in the air.
  • cobble
  • dabble
  • dibble I use a dibble to plant seeds in my garden.
  • doable It is doable for you to clean the kitchen on your own.
  • double He ordered a double cheeseburger and fries for lunch.
  • doubled They had doubled their money.
  • doubles He hit two doubles in the last inning, leading his team to victory.
  • doublet The actor wore a doublet and hose for the Shakespearean play.
  • doubly I'm doubly sorry I can't come.
  • dribble
  • gobble I love to gobble up my snacks.
  • hobble I'm not sure if I'm ready to hobble down the aisle on my sore ankle.
  • hubble The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered many amazing things about our Universe.
  • nobble
  • rouble Money in Russia is sometimes called rouble.
  • rubble After the earthquake, the once towering skyscrapers were reduced to piles of rubble.
  • stubble I have a nasty stubble on my chin.
  • wobble

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