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How to spell DOUBTE correctly?

The correct spelling for "doubte" is doubt. Possible suggestions to correct the misspelling include using spell check software, looking up the word in a dictionary for the correct spelling or improving spelling skills through reading and practicing spelling exercises.

List of suggestions on how to spell doubte correctly

  • dote As a grandmother, I dote on my grandchildren and love spending time with them.
  • double
  • doubled Since last year, my investment has doubled in value.
  • doublet The actor wore a Renaissance-style doublet for his performance in the historical play.
  • doubt I doubt that the weather will improve by tomorrow.
  • doubted She doubted the accuracy of the news article.
  • doubter The doubter refused to believe that the event had really happened.
  • doubters Despite the doubters, she continued to pursue her dreams and eventually succeeded.
  • doubts

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