How to spell DOUCE correctly?

We think the word douce is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell douce correctly

  • adduce What grounds can we adduce for faith in Induced Autosuggestion?
  • dace When fishing a river for coarse fish species such as chub, barbel, roach, dace and bream, the favourite hook baits tend to be maggot (white, red, and bronze), caster (maggot chrysalis), worm, cheese, pellets (halibut, trout, and carp), boilies (round boiled baits typically made with fish meal, milk, and soya) and luncheon meat.
  • dance I dance my way because the Spirit gave it to me to do so."
  • daze All that hot August morning Tillie worked in a daze.
  • deduce In vain do they appear to deduce this scholastic theory from the Bible; it is simply an unfaithful translation of the Biblical notion.
  • deice I can't shine my car in the sun because the windshield is deiced.
  • deicer I'll use the deicer to get the ice off the car.
  • deuce
  • dice I'll roll some dice to see what I win.
  • dicey
  • doc
  • dock I need a dock for my new laptop.
  • doe
  • doge
  • dole
  • done This shirt is ready to be done.
  • dos I can't dos up a trash can.
  • dose I'm going to take a dose of ibuprofen.
  • doss
  • dosser
  • dote
  • dough My aunt made the most delicious doughnuts.
  • dour No matter how dour the weather is outside, my family and I always enjoy a big festive feast inside.
  • douse I was about to douse the flames with some water when I noticed the gas line was gasping for air!
  • dove Dove finds its way back to the nest.
  • dowse
  • dowser The detective walked over to the old man and asked him if he knew anything about the dowsing rod.
  • doze
  • dozy I was feeling dozy after spending the entire day in the sun.
  • duck
  • dude
  • due
  • duke Prince Edward is the Duke of Kent.
  • dunce
  • dune I loved walking on the dunes.
  • dupe I was a victim of a false advertising campaign; they duped me into thinking their product was better than it was.
  • duse
  • educe From what I have deduced, she is the victim.
  • luce
  • puce That shirt is really loud and it makes me look like a total puce.
  • source
  • truce We asked for a truce in the argument.
  • Does I want some does.
  • Doused
  • Dorsey At Twitter, Dick Dorsey is the current president and COO.
  • Doug
  • douses
  • duos Love birds can sometimes be seen in couples.
  • DOZ
  • DOCS Some documents need to be submitted on paper.
  • DUES I paid my dues to the association.
  • douches
  • deuces I play two hands of blackjack.
  • touche She gave him a merry touche on the shoulder.
  • dome Within the dome, the sun blazed down upon the city.
  • Douay The Douay Bible is the Catholic Bible.

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