Correct spelling for DOUGALS

We think the word dougals is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dougals

  • degas The study of Degas will furnish additional proof for it.
  • douglas But, as a matter of fact, the reception accorded to Sir Robert Douglas was distinctly cool.
  • douglass Mr. Douglass, observing with Mr. Lowell's great refractor, has also reported certain streaky markings on the third satellite.
  • ducal Those of Reggio succeeded; but in the city of Modena itself the ducal troops repressed the rising.
  • Dogmas Well, its maxims are too beautiful to be realized; and then on the other hand, its dogmas are too dismal, too shocking, too odious to be believed.
  • Togas
  • Coals His eyes burnt like coals under his deep brows.
  • Goals
  • dogs You know what dogs is like, sir."
  • dulls I will try to write for the paper occasionally, but I fear my letters will be very uninteresting, for this incessant night-work dulls one's ideas amazingly.
  • deals My story deals only with early history, for it would not be possible for me to give any accurate account of the business except from 1851 to 1877. I moved away from San Francisco twice and as my work was upon different lines, I got out of touch.
  • dials Makers had, however, been convinced by this time that pendulums did not look well hanging down across the faces of clocks, and so they now put them at the back, their swingings being frequently concealed by projecting dials.
  • GALS
  • DOLLS I never had dolls when I was small, as my folks could not afford to buy me one.
  • duels In this case, Boleslas's fury and his two incomprehensible duels, fifteen minutes apart, justified the story.
  • dongles Embedded scheduling software serves transmission via dongles to enabled Bluetooth receivers.
  • decals Most decals use only one color, but some may have various images printed upon them.
  • moguls
  • unpositive
  • foul-up
  • frightfulnesses
  • germ-destroying
  • horse-trades
  • lowgrade

168 words made from the letters dougals

3 letter words made from dougals:

log, gal, dal, sod, usa, oas, sol, lug, gas, god, das, ado, lsd, lag, aug, lad, dog, dos, ago, asl, ola, duo, luo, dol, sou, sad, doa, dug, gad, lao, old, als, goa, sag, dag.

5 letter words made from dougals:

gauld, dalou, gusla, odsal, olaus, duals, laudo, gosad, gauls, gasol, dogus, golas, sluga, gould, gadso, aulos, saoul, alods, sloga, aglus, goads, souad, agudo, lagos, daslu, odula, sould, sudol, galus, salgo, dagul, louga, lugos, dougl, saoud, lados, louds, glosa, ladou, dugas, ludos, lauds, gaols, salud, gadus, glaus, dulas, gauds, salou, udals, gulda, loads, gadol, algos, oulad, aloud, godus, souda, gouda.

4 letter words made from dougals:

goal, daus, dula, sugo, logs, saul, goda, laos, lugs, goas, dulo, luga, luso, loga, dalo, doga, ugas, slag, lous, duos, saud, ould, dago, dalu, sold, loud, sula, dogs, gulo, sago, ludo, gual, dasu, auld, laud, ouda, lagu, load, gaul, also, sulo, gula, salo, goad, dual, audo, lads, soul, soda, duga, slug, sadu, gaol, ladu, gaud, golu, daul, dogu, gusa, suao, glad, lago, asud, oglu, dagu, lags, alou, dugo, udos, guld, soua, glau, slog, gold.

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