Correct spelling for DOUGHLAS

We think the word doughlas is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for doughlas

  • douala There were three detachments of French air force units — based at Fort-Lamy (now N’Djamena) (Chad), Douala (Cameroon) and Pointe-Noire (Congo) – operating a mixed bag of Potez and Bloch aircraft, and they thus became part of the FAFL.
  • douglas In the whole of your route thus far, you can meet with no difficulty in tracing it, guided by the map, and following these instructions; but if Douglas should be with you, he will no doubt recognize the country through which he passed with me.
  • douglass My sister, Miss Ried, Dr. Douglass."
  • Dahlias Concerning my dahlias I have been told that they were not dahlias at all, but poppies.
  • dulls Familiarity so dulls the edge of perception, as to make us least acquainted with things and persons making part of our daily life.
  • doles Hence it was not only possible, but desirable, to administer State help more democratically in 1899 than in 1891. The policy of the Congested Districts Board was a notable advance upon the inaction of the State in the pre-famine times, and upon the system of doles and somewhat objectless relief works of the latter half of the nineteenth century; but the policy of the new departure now under review was no less notable a departure from the paternalism of the Congested Districts Board.
  • dollars I did think you meant dollars.
  • DOLLS It would just fit one of my new dolls."
  • duels Artillery duels are constant, and during the last few days the naval guns have fired more than usual.
  • uncategorical
  • unpositive

299 words made from the letters doughlas

3 letter words made from doughlas:

das, asl, dal, sou, log, ola, dog, adh, lag, oas, gad, luo, gas, lad, dos, hag, dah, hao, sag, sha, usa, goa, hus, als, hdl, doa, sod, sad, old, dol, lah, lug, lao, ado, doh, lsd, duo, ash, god, ago, hod, hog, hug, aug, soh, dug, sol, gal, dag, hud.

4 letter words made from doughlas:

dhul, dalo, sago, hogs, sulo, solh, lash, dalu, dogu, shad, ugoh, gush, gusa, dago, soul, dual, dagh, hugo, lush, gaol, goda, salh, dulo, gold, dash, huld, olha, gulo, hold, hula, huls, duga, oglu, dugh, shag, lags, oahu, oshu, dagu, slog, sold, salo, also, duah, slah, lagu, ough, ohau, osha, shua, dula, odah, laos, alou, audo, dhol, halo, gula, sula, glau, doha, asud, daul, lahd, duos, shuo, golu, glad, ludo, loud, lads, hoda, daus, dahl, gaud, loga, saul, dhau, luga, shul, ohga, gaul, gaoh, lago, duhl, luso, lahu, dhou, suao, saud, sugo, alho, laud, hugs, haud, adhu, gash, slug, haug, haul, hoad, dahu, hald, lous, ugas, dasu, goas, soua, soda, olah, dhal, soha, doga, sadu, logs, guld, dugo, dogs, auld, lugs, ladu, shou, slag, ould, goal, goad, udos, gohl, ouda, daho, gual, ghul, shod, load, oudh, sugh, suhl.

5 letter words made from doughlas:

gosad, gauds, aloud, duals, holds, hauds, agudo, gauls, goshu, daslu, louga, gusla, aulos, dougl, gouda, ghous, olaus, galus, shoud, louds, lugos, laghu, hodag, odsal, sudha, godus, goads, laugh, gauld, ladou, hauld, glosa, gould, sudol, sodha, dulas, ulhas, uladh, lauds, ghoda, laudo, sahul, daugh, shado, hodas, hulas, ludos, hldgs, hulao, dogus, solah, hagos, shuda, dagul, galuh, loads, shaol, gulda, gadso, lados, hudal, saoul, gaols, salud, shudo, aglus, dahls, gasol, alush, udals, salou, souda, sloga, dhols, souad, golah, lahud, huaso, algos, ghoul, dough, odula, dalou, lough, sough, shoal, salgo, alods, udhas, sadhu, suhag, houla, oulad, sohag, sluga, odahs, sould, lagos, shugo, glaus, lhsad, gadus, shalu, sohal, gohad, hugos, saoud, golas, dugas, dhals, ghusl, gadol.

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