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How to spell DOUHET correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "Douhet" instead of the intended word, here are some possible suggestions. If you meant "Doughnut" or "Donut", both refer to the delicious fried pastry. Alternatively, if you were aiming for "Doherty", it's a common surname. Lastly, if you meant "Doughty", it describes someone brave or courageous.

List of suggestions on how to spell Douhet correctly

  • Docket I need to check my docket to see what meetings I have scheduled for this afternoon.
  • Dorset Dorset is known for its beautiful beaches and coastal scenery.
  • Doublet The actors wore doublets and tights in the Renaissance-era play.
  • Doubt I doubt that I'll be able to finish this project on time.
  • Douche
  • Douched I can't believe he just douched his friend like that, it's so disrespectful.
  • Douches I don't think douches are a necessary part of feminine hygiene.
  • Douchey I hate that shirt, it's so douchey.
  • Dourer
  • Dourest Even at a carnival, Jack's face remained unsympathetic and dourest.
  • Douse The rain began to douse the flames of the blazing fire, helping the firefighters to control it.
  • Doused The firefighter doused the flames with water to prevent the house from burning down.
  • Douses The fireman quickly douses the flames with water from the hose.
  • Duet The grand finale of the concert was a duet between the pianist and the cellist.
  • Duvet I snuggled up under my warm duvet on a cold winter night.

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