How to spell DOUING correctly?

We think the word douing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell douing correctly

  • daubing I call it daubing, hey!
  • din As this did not lead him into the din of battle and clash of arms he resigned and took command of a regiment of infantry.
  • dine Will the Princess Cendre be pleased to dine?
  • ding The inscription runs:- "Samuel Knight made this ring In Binstead steeple for to ding."
  • dingo No traces of any human inhabitants were seen, nor were the usually ever-present, tracks of native game, or their canine enemy the wild dingo, distinguishable upon the sands of this previously untrodden wilderness.
  • dingy The furniture was carried out of the dining-room- the largest room in the house-and piled up in the dingy study.
  • docking Thence to the dock, where we walked in Mr. Shelden's garden, eating more fruit, and drinking, and eating figs, which were very good, and talking while the Royal James was bringing towards the dock, and then we went out and saw the manner and trouble of docking such a ship, which yet they could not do, but only brought her head into the Dock, and so shored her up till next tide.
  • dogging You want to see 'er lidyship, but you can't come to the castle, and she can't come to you-not with 'er fat brother dogging of 'er footsteps.
  • doings If you want to know, I'm Dan Hoolan himself, and you may have heard of my doings throughout the country.
  • domingo In further speaking of his character Don Domingo told me that the ministers had good cause for making him inaccessible, as whenever anyone did succeed in getting at him and asked a favour, he made a point of granting it, as it was at such times that he felt himself really a king.
  • don I don't know the rights on't.
  • done But what is to be done?
  • doting Roderick was very unhappy; that was enough, and Mary's duty was to join her patience and her prayers to those of his doting mother.
  • dousing After she doused herself with sunscreen, she put on her shirt and started the bike.
  • down
  • downing I downed my drink too quickly.
  • dowsing I joined a group that dowses for water sources.
  • dozing
  • dun
  • dune The dune was a large sand castle.
  • dung The dog was covered in fresh dung.
  • dying She was dying to tell him the news.
  • outing
  • ting I just rang the church bell and it tinkled.
  • touring She is a touring artist.
  • Doing Now tell me all about what you're doing!"
  • Doffing But the women, who cannot dissociate the heart and the toilette, evince their sorrow by wearing white clothes and by doffing their ornaments.
  • Doling That would be indeed revenge on Elaine! To buy back Clifford for a paltry four pounds a week-to have the delicate pleasure of doling out the money in the role of Lady Bountiful! She had a mental vision of the sweet little letters she could write to Elaine when she enclosed the monthly cheque-letters so sweet that they would sear.
  • Donning We were all donning our coats before we left the house.
  • Dooming The approaching storm was sure to doom the damaged tower.
  • dosing
  • Dotting I can't stop dotting my i's and crossing my t's.
  • Duping I was duped by the person on the other side of the duplex.
  • During During the trial, he had to be escorted by bailiffs to and from the courtroom.
  • Routing The router will send the packets to the right destination.
  • Toeing I toe the line between being a good person and a bad person.
  • Touting The Touting hostess was trying to get people to buy her drinks.
  • Pouting I can't believe she pouted when I didn't offer to pick up the tab.
  • Dino But some years since, my niece, the Comtesse Jean de Castellane, published the story of the early years of the Duchesse de Dino, and as many readers desire to have the continuation, I have decided not to withhold it any longer, and it will be found in the following pages.
  • Dunn Ann is a candidate for City Manager.
  • Dona Dona Maria is a kind and generous woman.
  • Donn My aunt Doris was sad to hear that Donn passed away.
  • Doug
  • Dina Old Aunt Dina, at the prison, has dressed Annette so neatly!
  • Douching I needed to douche to get the stench of sewer out of my hair.
  • doming Inside, the dome was bright and airy.
  • doping

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