What is the correct spelling for DOULE?

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Correct spelling for DOULE

We think the word doule is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for doule

  • dale Up hill and down dale he went.
  • doe The doe fell, but, to my astonishment, and others did not fly off.
  • doily If fruit is the first course, there should be at each place a fruit-plate with a doily, finger-bowl, and fruit-knife on it. For oranges an orange-spoon should also be laid on the plate.
  • dole So, as Sir Bagdemagus rode to see many adventures, it happed him to come to the rock whereas the Lady of the Lake had put Merlin under the stone, and there he heard him make great dole; whereof Sir Bagdemagus would have holpen him, and went unto the great stone, and it was so heavy that an hundred men might not lift it up.
  • doll I'll get the Doll and the Elephant."
  • dolly Dolly was too quick for me.
  • douala Name Entry in The World Factbook Latitude (deg min) Longitude (deg min) D Dahomey Benin 9 30 N 2 15 E Daito Islands Japan 43 00 N 17 00 E Dakar [US Embassy] Senegal 14 40 N 17 26 W Dalmatia [region] Croatia 43 00 N 17 00 E Daman (Damao) India 20 10 N 73 00 E Damascus [US Embassy] Syria 33 30 N 36 18 E Danger Islands (see Pukapuka Atoll) Cook Islands 10 53 S 165 49 W Danish Straits Atlantic Ocean 58 00 N 11 00 E Danish West Indies Virgin Islands 18 20 N 64 50 W Danzig (Gdansk) Poland 54 23 N 18 40 E Dao Bach Long Vi [island] Vietnam 20 08 N 107 44 E Dardanelles [strait] Atlantic Ocean 40 15 N 26 25 E Dar es Salaam [US Embassy] Tanzania 6 48 S 39 17 E Davis Strait Atlantic Ocean 67 00 N 57 00 W Dead Sea Israel, Jordan, West Bank 32 30 N 35 30 E Deception Island Antarctica 62 56 S 60 34 W Denmark Strait Atlantic Ocean 67 00 N 24 00 W D'Entrecasteaux Islands Papua New Guinea 9 30 S 150 40 E Desolation Islands (Isles Kerguelen) French Southern and Antarctic Lands 49 30 S 69 30 E Devils Island (Ile du Diable) French Guiana 5 17 N 52 35 W Devon Island Canada 76 00 N 87 00 W Dhahran [US Consulate General] Saudi Arabia 26 18 N 50 08 E Dhaka [US Embassy] Bangladesh 23 43 N 90 25 E Dhofar [region] Oman 17 00 N 54 10 E Diego Garcia [island] British Indian Ocean Territory 7 20 S 72 25 E Diego Ramirez [islands] Chile 56 30 S 68 43 W Diomede Islands Russia [Big Diomede], United States [Little Diomede] 65 47 N 169 00 W Diu India 20 42 N 70 59 E Djibouti [US Embassy] Djibouti 11 30 N 43 15 E Dnieper [river] (Dnyapro, Dnepr, Dnipro) Belarus, Russia, Ukraine 46 30 N 32 18 E Dniester [river] (Nistru, Dnister) Moldova, Ukraine 46 18 N 30 17 E Dodecanese [islands] Greece 36 00 N 27 05 E Dodoma Tanzania 6 11 S 35 45 E Doha [US Embassy] Qatar 25 17 N 51 32 E Donets Basin Russia, Ukraine 48 15 N 38 30 E Douala Cameroon 4 03 N 9 42 E Douglas Man, Isle of 54 09 N 4 28 W Dover, Strait of Atlantic Ocean 51 00 N 1 30 E Drake Passage Atlantic Ocean 60 00 S 60 00 W Dubai [US Consulate General] United Arab Emirates 25 18 N 55 18 E Dubayy (see Dubai) United Arab Emirates 25 18 N 55 18 E Dublin [US Embassy] Ireland 53 20 N 6 15 W Durban [US Consulate General] South Africa 29 55 S 30 56 E Dushanbe [US Embassy] Tajikistan 38 35 N 68 48 E Dutch Antilles Netherlands Antilles 52 05 N 4 18 E Dutch East Indies Indonesia 5 00 S 120 00 E Dutch Guiana Suriname 4 00 N 56 00 W Dutch West Indies Netherlands Antilles 52 05 N 4 18 E Dzungarian Gate China, Kazakhstan 45 25 N 82 25 E
  • double 257 Army, the English, its double character, ii.
  • dourly The Rhodesian smiled dourly.
  • douse "I am going to douse my head in some cold water.
  • dowel They may be fastened to the top of the front posts with round-head screws or dowel pins.
  • dual This butterfly, this Psyche of my thoughts, this dual soul which I have nurtured with maternal care, my love, my sacred love, this living mystery of mysteries-it is about to fall into vulgar hands, and they will tear its diaphanous wings and rend its veil under the miserable pretext of enlightening me, of discovering whether genius is as prudent as a banker, whether my Melchior has saved his money, or whether he has some entanglement to shake off; they want to find out if he is guilty to bourgeois eyes of youthful indiscretions,-which to the sun of our love are like the clouds of the dawn.
  • due 232. How did you know how much was due to you?
  • duel Truly, thought I, there is no equanimity like his who acts as your second in a duel.
  • dueler
  • dull
  • duly
  • duple
  • joule
  • module
  • nodule
  • Del The fiesta of Santo Cristo del Amor was still going on, and it was to conclude the next day with a baile de dia, or ball by daylight, at the place where it began, in the house of the patron.
  • Doled The gourd must have held a gallon, but he got away with all of its contents in the course of the interview; also several pints of super-sweetened coffee which we doled out to him a little at a time, and which he seemed to appreciate extravagantly.
  • Duller
  • Tole
  • Dooley Dooley, he found one, an' then the captain went to the rails an' gave it a swing, an' struck the bolts crosswise like, so that the heads flew off, like they was shootin' stars.
  • Doyle Sir William Howland became, a year later, lieutenant-governor of Ontario, Major-General Sir Francis Hastings Doyle of Nova Scotia in the fall of 1867, and Hon.
  • Dollie Dollie looked up with tear-stained, pleading eyes, then arose and placed both her hands on Hatch's arm.
  • doles He soon learned the uselessness of relief by doles, and, determined to deal with the subject thoroughly, he withdrew from the clubs, Pall Mall, and Mayfair, and taking lodgings in Stepney, made himself the friend of the poor, built and endowed a school, in which he taught, gave lectures, and organized a self-helping relief.
  • uncategorical

38 words made from the letters doule

4 letter words made from doule:

leud, delo, oude, loue, loeu, dule, odel, odle, deul, ould, lode, duel, doel, loud, olde, dole, ludo, lude, dulo, deol, delu, eudo.

3 letter words made from doule:

doe, eld, due, luo, dle, duo, old, edo, oed, leu, leo, ode, dol, led.

5 letter words made from doule:

ouled, loued.

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