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How to spell DOVET correctly?

The correct spelling for "dovet" could be "dove" or "divot". "Dove" refers to a type of bird, while "divot" is a piece of turf that is removed when a golf club strikes the ground.

List of suggestions on how to spell dovet correctly

  • covert The spy undertook a covert mission into enemy territory.
  • covet
  • Dave
  • davit The yacht has a davit so that crew can easily board and disembark.
  • diet It's important to have a balanced diet.
  • dive I love to dive into the ocean and explore its hidden depths.
  • Dived I dived into the pool and immediately felt refreshed.
  • diver The professional diver was able to swim underwater for over 5 minutes to complete his mission.
  • divert I will try to divert his attention away from the problem.
  • divest I propose we divest from fossil fuels
  • divot A divot in the ground marked the where the object struck the ground.
  • docket It is illegal to keep a docket of cases.
  • dolt Mom always tells me not to stoop to the level of a dolt.
  • don't Please don't eat the contaminated strawberries.
  • Dorset
  • Dost I cannot believe that Dost Ali Khan would ever cheat on me.
  • dot I'm sitting in my chair with a pencil and a paper, and I'm going to draw a dot on the paper.
  • dote She would always dote on her little sister and give her all sorts of treats.
  • Doter Doter is a new kind of food delivery service that delivers healthy, pre-packaged meals directly to your doorstep.
  • dove The dove is a sweet bird that is often seen in churches.
  • Dovecot Dovecot is a popular mail server used by many businesses.
  • dover I enjoy visiting the historical city of Dover on the southeastern coast of England.
  • doves
  • duet
  • duvet I am going to take a nap under my big, fluffy duvet.
  • duvets Inside the duvets were clean sheets and freshly drawn blankets.
  • GOVT The GOVT has implemented new policies to improve public health.
  • overt He had an overt manner.
  • soviet The Soviet Union is no more.
  • tevet

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