How to spell DOWNT correctly?

We think the word downt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell downt correctly

  • dainty Nothing dainty ever made its appearance there.
  • dante Dante I must and will have."
  • daunt The swishing wind, the teeter-like swaying of the engine, the driving hail of cinders, all combined to daunt and confuse him, but he clung to the engine rail, gained the pilot, set one flag in its socket, then with a stooping swing the other, and felt his way back to the cab, flushed with satisfaction, but glad to feel a safe footing once more.
  • dawn Once this was settled, Gaston immediately offered to start for Le Havre at dawn with the secret orders.
  • dent
  • dint Jimmy punched the thug twice in the face, which caused him to accidentally hit his own dint in the wall.
  • dolt I refuse to do this again, it's a waste of my time and that of a dolt like you.
  • don I asked Don if he wanted to come to the party with me.
  • donate
  • done
  • donna I don't know what to give Donna for her birthday.
  • donne I veramente non capisco il suo piano, forse dovrei chiamare Donna.
  • dot Please enter the dot after the "i" in "scientist.
  • dowdy
  • down The party ended up downstairs.
  • downed
  • downer Do not read the last paragraph if you're looking for a happy story - it's just a downer.
  • downy Don't be so downy; it's not fun.
  • font
  • tent We tent camped near the river.
  • tint
  • tnt I heard a loud boom and knew that there was something wrong.
  • town
  • wont
  • Dawned
  • Doing
  • Docent The Docent greeted us at the front desk.
  • Donned She donned a colorful dress and adorned her head with a matching tiara.
  • Dost
  • Mont The Mont Blanc massif dominates the skyline of the city.
  • Nowt She didn't eat anything, nowt.
  • Won't
  • Dona
  • Donn
  • Donny Donny never has time for his friends.
  • ONT The Ontarians are a proud people.
  • CONT
  • DONS I'd like a pint of DONS please.
  • Downs I'd like some downs, please.
  • doesn't I don't like pumpkin pies.
  • don't
  • didn't She didn't realize that he had left until she saw his car parked in the lot.

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