Correct spelling for DRAUGHTS

We think the word draughts is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for draughts

  • darts Suddenly he darts from his perch and, holds himself poised in mid-air until he sights a fish.
  • drought Together clash'd the elements confus'd: Cold strove with heat, and moisture drought oppos'd; Light, heavy, hard, and soft, in combat join'd.
  • Daughters There are three daughters in the family, as in The Intruder; but one of them has drowned herself.
  • Truths A bitter legacy consumed itself in half-truths against the sound of upturned lies.
  • Droughts Happy he who, like the palm tree in the desert, can strike his roots below the arid surface of the world into fresh and living waters, and thus keep life green amid the droughts of earth.
  • Drugs They weighed it, he put it in his pocket, and they noticed the circumstance, telling him they would send it home with the other drugs; but he walked away pretending not to hear what they said.
  • Rats In fact, these rats would be more than a match for an ordinary cat.
  • Rights But what is the law for, except to preserve our rights?
  • drafts While there should be good ventilation, there should not be drafts of air.
  • ruts The roads were rough and stony, and I had scarcely got the tired animal into a sharper trot, before-whether or no by some wrench among the deep ruts and flinty causeway-he fell suddenly lame.
  • traits Alike in internal and external traits we note in him as a boy characteristics which were equally marked in the mature man.
  • daunts
  • treats
  • drags
  • delights
  • routs
  • duets
  • troughs
  • druids
  • tarots
  • truants
  • frights
  • freights
  • wrights
  • straights
  • brights Jen Wilson reviewed Broken Brights for Beat Magazine saying, "within minutes you’re transported to another time .
  • cross-examinations
  • daytrippers

305 words made from the letters draughts

3 letter words made from draughts:

hag, dah, tar, tad, hus, sag, rad, art, adh, dug, rut, rug, aug, thd, das, ras, rag, gar, usa, trh, tug, dat, gur, rat, tsh, ash, gut, sth, hat, gas, urd, dag, hug, sad, hud, gad, hrt, tau, hut, sur, gsr, sat, sha, gat, dts, uta, tag.

4 letter words made from draughts:

guar, asud, shad, hats, rash, duta, ruth, guta, urga, stuh, tags, drau, rugs, druh, suar, drug, stud, drua, saru, dagu, star, grus, dust, thsr, ursg, hart, grut, huta, guth, saud, suhr, trud, garu, rags, huat, haug, urth, daur, haru, ugra, gahr, asur, ards, raut, hugs, arts, utah, ghat, guts, rauh, raud, trgu, ruta, thus, gurs, duhr, ruga, daut, rahg, rust, gaur, stag, huts, dhau, shut, ghar, sadu, adhu, shag, hurt, drag, tush, dash, gust, gash, rhus, duah, daht, tsar, grad, turd, dasu, drut, ruag, gaud, gthu, haud, trad, tadg, sura, gusa, tagh, thug, rahu, ruts, dart, gura, thud, ruad, duga, sard, ugas, daus, gush, rugh, gaut, tugs, gath, thua, dath, surd, dugt, garh, tugh, agur, tahu, dura, dagh, dugh, raht, ratu, dhat, dahu, shua, drah, tsur, rush, hard, tuah, rahd, raus, sugh, grau.

5 letter words made from draughts:

daurs, garud, draus, strad, darst, drats, thrud, sahtu, tsuda, dugar, hauds, sahur, rushd, satur, darug, suard, strah, trash, trugs, gruda, strag, hurta, dauth, ratus, tahrs, gasur, grush, dutar, guard, gdust, dugas, husar, dhatu, hadst, adust, dutra, durga, gruta, tadgh, shrug, darus, gauds, ghaur, garut, harut, druha, daugh, shard, rugta, garst, hurts, sarth, dargs, drags, thugs, ushra, gursh, sudar, dasht, raghd, surat, guars, argus, ashur, suart, duras, thuds, aught, haugr, thars, atrus, gadus, ghats, ustad, huard, udhas, arsht, raths, shuar, stura, astur, dagur, ahrts, sutra, tsuga, turag, hatsu, thura, gaurs, sudra, dauts, ahdut, draug, augst, ruths, suhag, rudas, hardt, rauth, gaths, arhus, turda, darts, shuda, tharu, targu, stahr, grasu, datus, tagus, graus, struh, strug, sudha, hauts, artsd, turds, stuhr, drusa, sugar, darth, druga, tugra, sadhu, duars.

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