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How to spell DRAWF correctly?

If you've misspelled "drawf" and are looking for the correct alternative, "dwarf" is the accurate spelling. This is the accepted way to spell the word, referring to a short mythical creature or a person with dwarfism. Remember to use "dwarf" to ensure proper communication and accuracy in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell drawf correctly

  • deaf He became deaf after a loud explosion.
  • drab The office walls were painted in a drab shade of gray, making the space feel depressing and uninspiring.
  • draco Draco is a constellation visible in the northern hemisphere.
  • draft The coach announced his team's draft picks for the upcoming season.
  • drag
  • drain
  • drake Drake is a well-known musician.
  • dram He poured himself a dram of whiskey and settled into his favorite chair by the fire.
  • drama
  • Drano I use Drano to unclog my kitchen sink.
  • drape She carefully began to drape the fabric over the sofa to see how it would look.
  • DRAT I DRAT you for ruining my thunderdome with your stupid questions.
  • draw I am going to draw a picture of my favorite animal.
  • drawer Please put your clothes in the drawer.
  • drawl The Texan spoke with a slow drawl that was indicative of his southern charm.
  • drawn I was drawn to the window by the bright light.
  • draws My uncle John is a very good artist - he draws wonderful cartoons.
  • dray The dray, pulled by two massive horses, carried loads of goods down the street.
  • drays The drays were very heavy!
  • drew
  • drown I almost drown when I fell into the deep end of the pool.
  • dwarf The dwarf apple tree in my backyard produces delicious fruit.
  • raf The RAF flew over the city during the air show.
  • trawl I'm going to take a quick walk before we start our trawl for wrecks.

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