Correct spelling for DRIME

We think the word drime is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for drime

  • brim Beyond the river lay thick forests, and beyond the forests the slopes of the Hellers, rising upward and upward; and their every fold and every valley was filled to the brim with forest, and in the forests lived the trailmen.
  • crime "He did, and that's what made the crime look so mysterious.
  • crimea The sparkling wines of the Crimea and the Don, known in Russia respectively as Krimski and Donski champagnes, are described as being superior to much of the wine which passes in England under the name of champagne.
  • dame Anna assured him Lilly's education was long ago complete, and no colonel's dame could find anything amiss in her manners.
  • deride Kind and unkind, his Maker's final freak, Part we deride the child, part dread the antique!
  • derive In fact there were so many new and novel sensations and impressions received from this first stage of his trip, that Rex was surprised he did not derive more solid enjoyment from it.
  • dim The light was so dim that I had not been aware of her presence till then.
  • dime This was beating my dime novel, for sensation, all hollow.
  • dimer 6 S dimer exhibiting full decarboxylase activity.
  • dire Knowing the dire results of continued stammering, still they stammer.
  • dram "If I take the bride's dram, I must join the bride's regiment-My good fellow," he went on, approaching Malcolm, "you have more than your share of the best things of this world."
  • drama And now we come to the last act of the great drama.
  • dream It seemed to her that Claude had fallen into a dream.
  • dreamer The one is a practical man of the world; the other is a poet and a dreamer and a mystic.
  • dreamy He had been listening to all they said in a state of dreamy surprise.
  • dried During their absence, the girl came to Timokles, bringing him water and dried dates.
  • drier The dew-point was even lower in proportion, 7.6 degrees, and the climate consequently drier.
  • drip Nothing but that drip, drip of the rain, and that soft distant sighing of the sea.
  • drive "Rest satisfied," he said; "do not try to drive Ireland."
  • driver The general climbed in the front seat with his driver.
  • drum The boy with his new drum will attend to nothing else if he can help it, as long as he has any thing to learn concerning it, and the noises it is capable of producing.
  • drummer I seed how things would go if the soldiers couldn't get ground to fight, so I jumped for the drum, and, cutting it free from the poor drummer chap, I banged on it and marched across the stream to the far slope.
  • durum ↑ "Blechnaceae Blechnum durum (T.
  • grim Jeff paused an instant and turned his grim face to her.
  • grime "It's the truth, Mrs. Myers," retorted Mrs. Grime.
  • prim Some of them give me the shivers, they are so prim."
  • prime Walpole and the Pelhams carried the day; Henry Pelham became Prime-minister, and from that time the power of Carteret was gone.
  • primer For the convenience of teachers who may not have either my "First Nursery Reading-Book," or Mrs. Mann's " Primer of Reading and Drawing" on hand, I will give here some sentences that contain the whole alphabet, which the teacher can teach by printing them on the black-board, and letting the children imitate them with pencil on the slate, or chalk on the black-board.
  • rim Neale peeped over the rim.
  • rime She was full of admiration for the beauty of the frosty morning, the trees touched with rime, the browns and purples of the distant woods.
  • rome Go not to Rome.
  • time I looked at him all the time and he looked at me.
  • tram It is within sound of the bells that jingle dismally on the heads of the tram-car horses, plying their trade on the high-road, and yet it is haunted.
  • trim At night before I went to bed the barber came to trim me and wash me, and so to bed, in order to my being clean to-morrow.
  • trimmer The late Mr. Trimmer discovered such shells on Moel Tryfan, in North Wales, in drift elevated more than 1300 feet above the level of the sea.
  • trims When a chief desires to organize a war-party, he provides himself with a long pole, attaches a red flag to the end of it, and trims the top with eagle feathers.
  • drums On the wonderful, still summer evening of the 1st August, we heard across the Starnberger Lake, in all the surrounding villages, the muffled beat of drums announcing mobilization.
  • dries Her cheeks are like the red ear; her eyes are like the small blue flower that grows hidden in the forest at springtime; her hair is like the corn that dries in the winter; but she is neither for the Black Kettle nor for his brother who weeps.
  • DIEM Deinde Caesar in Epirum profectus Pompeium Pharsalico proelio fudit, et fugientem persecutus, ut occisum cognovit, Ptolemaeo regi, Pompeii interfectori, a quo sibi quoque insidias tendi videret, bellum intulit; quo victo in Pontum transiit Pharnacemque, Mithridatis filium, rebellantem et multiplici successu praeferocem intra quintum ab adventu diem, quattuor, quibus in conspectum venit, horis una profligavit acie, more fulminis, quod uno eodemque momento venit, percussit, abscessit.
  • DRAMS Ginger, four drams; Zinc Sulphocarbolates, four grains.
  • dome The north end of the building is adorned with a curious fret-work and bas-relief; and in the middle there is a dome or cupola, about ten feet in diameter, which appears to have been either hewn out of the rock, or moulded of some composition, which, by time, is grown equally hard.
  • Tarim China Basin can refer to: China Basin, San Francisco, a neighborhood in San Francisco China Basin Bridge, another name for the Lefty ODoul Bridge, a drawbridge which connects the China Basin and Mission Bay neighborhoods of San Francisco China Basin fire, a five-alarm fire that occurred on March 11, 2014 in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco China Basin Landing, an office complex in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco, California China Basin Stakes, ungraded stakes race for three-year-olds and up, run at Golden Gate Fields Category:Drainage basins of China Juyan Lake Basin Nanyang Basin Qaidam Basin Sichuan Basin Tarim Basin
  • unexceptionally

34 words made from the letters drime

4 letter words made from drime:

5 letter words made from drime:

dimer, driem, demir, midre, mired, merid, rimed.

3 letter words made from drime:

dim, rem, rid, mri, die, dre, rim, mid, ire, red, mei, med, mrd.

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