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How to spell DROKE correctly?

If you are struggling with the misspelling "droke", fear not! Possible correct suggestions include "drone", referring to an unmanned aircraft or "stroke", relating to a medical condition. It could also be a typo for "broke", meaning to not have any money. Double-check the context to find the appropriate spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell droke correctly

  • brake The driver hit the brake as soon as he saw the pedestrian.
  • broke
  • broker My uncle works as a stock broker for a well-known investment firm.
  • brooke Brooke is her middle name.
  • doge
  • drake
  • drakes Drakes are male ducks that are often brightly colored.
  • drape She decided to drape the shawl over her shoulders to keep warm.
  • drive I need to drive to the grocery store to buy food for dinner tonight.
  • drogue The drogue parachute slowed the plane's descent during an emergency landing.
  • DROID My friend just got a new droid phone.
  • droll The comedian's jokes were always droll, leaving the audience chuckling quietly to themselves.
  • drone The sound of the drone was constant as it flew over the field.
  • drool The sight of the delicious food made my mouth water and drool uncontrollably.
  • droop
  • drop
  • dross The dross formed on the surface of the molten metal has to be removed before it cools down.
  • drove
  • drover The drover drove the herd of cows to market.
  • drown
  • drowse After lunch, I like to drowse for a few minutes to recharge my batteries.
  • drupe The drupe is a hard, oval-shaped fruit that contains a single seed.
  • duke He is the Duke of York.
  • GROK
  • rake
  • stroke I was shocked when my friend suffered a stroke.
  • toke I saw him take a deep toke from his pipe.
  • trike I bought a trike for my nephew's birthday.
  • trope The trope of the psycho killer is a well-worn plot device in horror movies.
  • trove The trove of artifacts uncovered at the excavation site was a surprise to the team working on the project.

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