How to spell DROWD correctly?

We think the word drowd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell drowd correctly

  • broad He was not broad enough in his effects.
  • brood When food must be hunted for at a long distance, the mother will leave her brood in hiding and go herself to fetch it.
  • crowd You need not go and dance in the crowd.
  • dod Hodmadod, a little dod or dump; in some parts of England a snail.
  • dowdy High company; among others the Duchess of Albemarle, who is ever a plain homely dowdy.
  • draw "I'm going to draw you up a paper as you asked me to.
  • drawl "You accompany beautifully," she said in her soft Southern drawl; "it's in you, I can see.
  • drawn Peter's soul was drawn up.
  • dread Her dark eyes were full of dread.
  • drew She drew a long breath, and fell silent.
  • dried "Why, Natalie, your clothes seem to have all dried off already; mine are soaked through," he exclaimed in surprise.
  • droll It naturally makes a droll and delightful little comedy; and is a story that is particularly clever in the telling.
  • drone Dean Drone, of course, and some others were quieter about it, and said that one must make allowances and that naturally there were two sides to everything.
  • drool I drooled over his picture on Facebook.
  • droop He did not lift his eyes to her face, did not note the droop of the weary body.
  • drop But we will drop that now.
  • dross It needs but the spark to burn away the dross of this terrible horse-sense which keeps the country back.
  • drove All my men speak of a 'sword of flame' with which he drove the Huns before him.
  • drown He'll drown a lot of innocent people."
  • drowned I remember the water rose so high, that it got up into the house we lived in, and my father moved us out of it, to keep us from being drowned.
  • drowse He found a yesterday's paper in the office of the hotel, and read it till he began to drowse over it, when he pulled himself up with a sharp jerk.
  • drowsy Lilly leaned her head, drowsy from champagne, against the red velvet cushions.
  • druid Say to Harold the Saxon, Ye have left us but the tomb of the Druid and the hills of the eagle; but freedom and royalty are ours, in life and in death-not for you to demand them, not for us to betray.
  • dryad The blossomed elder rests like white fog in the hollows, scenting all the country ways and promising elder-blossom wine, the dryad’s draught.
  • prod
  • proud
  • road
  • rod
  • rood I am going to ring the doorbell, but I am not sure if I should bring the rood.
  • rowdy
  • trad A trad music festival is a great way to celebrate your favorite genre of music with like-minded people.
  • tread I need to tread more carefully.
  • treed
  • triad
  • tried I tried warming up the food, but nothing worked.
  • trot
  • trout
  • Droned A large brass telescope peers out from the balcony; droned by the city's constant hum.
  • Drowsed I drowzed off for a bit after dinner.
  • Trod
  • Trow
  • draws
  • dared And she-she dared not confess to herself how dear he was to her-she dared not hope her affection was returned.
  • DRAT Do not DRAT me, I'm not a god.
  • trued You are triing to be polite.
  • droids The droid searched the room for the missing parts.
  • trows
  • trowed I found the tires on the tow truck Trowed across the street.

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