How to spell DUDGET correctly?

We think the word dudget is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell dudget correctly

  • budget This mode of procedure appears to be derived from the Constitution itself; and if we speak of the matter now, it is solely to prove to you that it must occasion delays in accomplishing the task imposed upon the commission on the budget.
  • cadet It was this Boston Cadet company that, at the affront to its leader Hancock had returned its standard to the governor and disbanded.
  • ddt While many countries have phased out the use of some types of organochlorides such as the US ban on DDT, persistent DDT, PCBs, and other organochloride residues continue to be found in humans and mammals across the planet many years after production and use have been limited.
  • diet We can have a change of diet, you see."
  • digest This is a very elegant digest of whatever is known of the Greeks; useless, indeed, to him who has read the original authors, but very proper for one who reads modern languages only.
  • digit The air-hole is about a cubit distant from the posterior end, and it is midway between the sides of the bellows-board, and is a foot long and three palms wide; it is divided into equal parts by a small rib which forms part of the board, and is not cut from it; this rib is a palm long and one-third of a digit wide.
  • docket "Then I shall appoint some one to go on with the case," and he looked up over the docket before him and out at the few attorneys sitting within the rail.
  • dodge Dodge, Dr., Presbyterian Church.
  • dodgem 1963: Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad and Mill Race open; Wild Mouse closes 1964: Blue Streak, and Paddlewheel Excursions (formerly called Western Cruise) open 1965: Space Spiral, Earthquake, and Jungle Larrys African Safari open 1966: Pirate Ride, Trabant, and Upside Down Funhouse opens 1967: Cedar Downs Racing Derby, Second Rotor, Sealand Marine exhibit, Shoot-the-Rapids, and Frontiertown open; Super Coaster closes 1968: Frontier Lift, Kiddieland Carousel and Sky Slide open 1969: Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Antique Cars, and the Town Hall Museum open; Scamper closes 1970: WildCat, Bayern Kurve, Dodgem No.
  • dodger Old Dodger killed a plug hoss tryin' to beat them to the river.
  • doge The Doge annually assisted at mass in St. Mark's in honor of the victory, but not long afterward the celebration of it ceased, as did that of a precisely similar defeat of the Hungarians, who had just descended from Asia into Europe.
  • dogged Also, there was an air of dogged determination about them.
  • ducat He was wagering a large sum of money on the outcome of the match.
  • duct
  • dud
  • dude Did you see that dude eating a hot dog?
  • dudgeon He had the dudgeon to refuse my suggestion.
  • duet We were so excited to join forces for our duet performance.
  • dug
  • dugout Our canoe was saved by a dugout.
  • duke The duke was very impressed with my new car.
  • duvet
  • fidget I'm really nervous, I need to calm down, but I can't stop fidgeting.
  • gadget I need a gadget to slice the cheese.
  • get
  • jude The tree stands as a symbol of strength and hope in the face of adversity, but most of all it is a testament to
  • midget The midget next to me was quite short.
  • nugget Everyone in the room was eager to find the nugget.
  • target You're going to hit the target.
  • widget
  • Budged Then we got a stronger rope, and the engine just kicked herself around the yard and had lots of fun, but the block never budged.
  • Dodged At the next corner they lay motionless in a blockade, while the motor shuddered; then they dodged through an opening where the mud-guards missed by an inch and were whirling west toward Broadway.
  • Drudged
  • Ducked I ducked when the chair came towards me.
  • Dunged I was so surprised when I found that my jeans were completely wet from a rain storm, and there was dirt stuck all over
  • Fudged I fudged the math on my test and got a low score.
  • Judged The judge was commented on for his ruling.
  • Tugged I was tugged from the car, and before I knew it, I was on the ground.
  • dodges Indeed, we are the only financial Dodges-that is-er-Messrs.
  • nudged

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