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How to spell DUGON correctly?

The correct spelling of the animal is "dugong", which is a herbivorous marine mammal. Some possible suggestions for correcting the misspelling "dugon" include using spell-check or consulting a dictionary for the correct spelling, asking someone who may know the correct spelling or researching the correct spelling online.

List of suggestions on how to spell dugon correctly

  • argon Acidic residue can be neutralized with an amount of argon gas.
  • dago I can't believe I am stuck with a dago for a friend.
  • Dagos
  • damon I'm sorry, Damon, but I have to leave now.
  • demon My greatest fear is encountering a demon in the middle of the night.
  • Deon Deon is my best friend and confidant.
  • devon
  • dijon I love to use dijon mustard in my salad dressings for a little extra tang.
  • Dion Dion is a popular male name in Greece.
  • Dixon
  • don He decided to don his jacket before going out in the cold.
  • dragon The castle was guarded by a massive dragon with scales as black as coal.
  • dudgeon I was so angry with him, I could've swore I saw sparks fly out of his dudgeon.
  • dug
  • dugout The dugout is a hole dug into the ground for shelter.
  • dun The dun color of the camel blended in with the desert sand.
  • dungeon The hero found himself locked inside a dark dungeon, surrounded by rats and cobwebs.
  • Dunn I'm going to meet Dunn at the corner.
  • Duran The Duran Duran song "Girls on Film" is about a man wanting to have sex with a Hollywood actress.
  • Dyson I need to order a new Dyson vacuum cleaner for the office.
  • wagon We filled the wagon with all of our toys.
  • yukon The Yukon River flows north through Canada and empties into the Pacific Ocean.

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