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How to spell DUIES correctly?

The correct spelling of "duies" could be "dues", referring to a payment owed for membership or other goods. Another possibility could be "duties", referring to responsibilities or tasks that need to be completed. Both of these options make sense in the context of the word "duies."

List of suggestions on how to spell duies correctly

  • dais The speaker stood on the dais, addressing the crowd gathered below.
  • dias
  • dices
  • die Unfortunately, she had to watch her beloved pet die.
  • Dies
  • Diets Many people struggle to stick to their diets when eating out with friends.
  • dikes The Netherlands is famous for its extensive system of dikes that protect the low-lying land from flooding.
  • DIMES I found two shiny dimes on the sidewalk yesterday.
  • dines She often dines at fancy restaurants with her friends.
  • dis
  • Dives Dives was known for his lavish lifestyle and opulent parties.
  • Does Does he want to go to the party with us?
  • dries The sun dries the wet clothes hanging on the line.
  • Duchies During the medieval era, the Germanic region of Saxony was divided into several smaller states known as Duchies.
  • dudes Some dudes were skateboarding in the park.
  • due The baby is due next month.
  • duels In the 18th century, duels were common among gentlemen to settle disputes or defend their honor.
  • DUES I forgot to pay my membership dues last month.
  • duets The two singers performed beautiful duets during their concert.
  • DUI He was charged with a DUI after crashing into a tree.
  • DUKES The Dukes of Hazard was a popular television show in the 1980s.
  • Dummies The book is called "Programming for Dummies".
  • dunes The wind swept the sand dunes into mesmerizing formations.
  • duos The duos in the music industry always seem to produce the best songs.
  • dupes She fell for his charm and ended up being one of his dupes in the investment scam.
  • duse
  • Duties I will do my duties as a citizen.
  • ties What binds the family together is their deep and abiding ties.
  • tues

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