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How to spell DUMMPED correctly?

The correct spelling for "dummped" is "dumped". It can be a common mistake to double a letter when spelling some words, but it's always best to check with a spell checker or dictionary to make sure you are using the correct spelling. Other possible suggestions for misspellings could include using homophones or synonyms to help convey the intended meaning of a message.

List of suggestions on how to spell dummped correctly

  • Bumped
  • Dammed The beaver dammed up the river to create a pond for its home.
  • Damped The vibrations of the machine were damped by the installation of rubber shock absorbers.
  • dimmed The lights in the theater dimmed as the movie was about to start.
  • dumped He dumped his girlfriend after a huge argument.
  • dumper The construction worker used a dumper to transport the debris from the site.
  • Duped I feel duped by the false promises of the weight loss products I bought.
  • humped The camel humped over the sand dune.
  • Jumped The cat jumped onto the counter to reach the bowl of milk.
  • Lumped The additional expenses were lumped together into one final bill.
  • pumped I'm so pumped for tonight's concert, it's going to be amazing!

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