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How to spell DUNKY correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "dunky" instead of the correct word, here are some possibilities: "donkey", referring to the animal or "drunky", a colloquial term for someone intoxicated. Another option could be "dinky", meaning small or inferior. Make sure to proofread to avoid such misspellings in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell dunky correctly

  • bunk My roommate and I have to share a bunk bed since we don't have enough space in our dorm room.
  • chunky I prefer chunky peanut butter over creamy.
  • dank The cave was dank and musty.
  • dankly I thank the chef for the delicious dankly delicious meal.
  • Danny Danny is my favorite character in the TV series.
  • Denny
  • deny I cannot deny the fact that I ate all the donuts.
  • dingy The old apartment was dingy and badly needed a renovation.
  • dink
  • dinky The dinky car looked out of place in the parking lot filled with SUVs and trucks.
  • donkey I saved Mike's donkey from being killed.
  • Donny Jimmy once told me that he had a donny.
  • dorky She's such a dorky looking girl.
  • duck I found a duck on the ground.
  • ducky Her new yellow raincoat was so ducky that she couldn't wait to wear it in the next rainy day.
  • duke
  • dun The dun color of the horse blended in with the sandy desert terrain.
  • dune Riding a dune buggy was one of my favorite childhood memories.
  • dung I dried my clothes with some old hay because I didn't have any other dung.
  • dunk He tried to dunk the basketball but missed the hoop.
  • dunked I dunked my cookie into the milk before taking a bite.
  • dunks
  • Dunn
  • Dunne The Dunne family are among Ireland's leading political dynasties.
  • DUNNO "I dunno where I put my keys," said John with a shrug.
  • DUNS The Duns Scotus Institute sponsors a lecture series on intellectual history.
  • dusk I love going for a walk at dusk when the sky is painted with orange and pink hues.
  • dusky The sky was dusky with the approaching night.
  • funk The funk was really in the air at the party tonight.
  • funky The music was really funky.
  • gunk
  • GUNKY Gunky always looks down on people because she is a privileged white girl.
  • hunk I went to the party with a hunk of meat.
  • Hunky The hunky guy was extremely attractive.
  • inky The inky darkness of the night made it difficult to navigate the forest.
  • junk She found some old junk in the attic.
  • punk My brother used to dress like a punk rocker in high school.
  • sunk
  • tunny I have a fish named Tunny.

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