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How to spell DUR correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "dur" instead of the intended word, fear not! Here are a few suggestions that might help you correct the misspelling. You could have meant "dust", "dare", "door" or "dour". Remember to double-check your writing to avoid such mistakes in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell dur correctly

  • bur I can feel a bur in my sock.
  • cur The man referred to his disobedient dog as a cur.
  • Dar
  • DIR
  • dour John's dour expression made it clear he wasn't pleased with the situation.
  • Du Ich und du, wir beide sind Freunde.
  • dub I love to watch movies with the dub in my native language.
  • dud Unfortunately, the fireworks turned out to be a complete dud.
  • due The assignment is due next week.
  • dug
  • DUH "Do you need to wear a coat in the middle of winter, duh!
  • DUI He was arrested for DUI after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • dun She wore a dress that was a deep shade of dun.
  • duo The musical duo performed a beautiful rendition of their hit song.
  • EUR I need to convert USD to EUR before I can purchase items from the European online store.
  • fur She wore a coat made of white fur to stay warm in the winter.
  • Our
  • ur

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