Correct spelling for DUSINT

We think the word dusint is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for dusint

  • Descent(Definition of descent)
  • Down the rapid we dashed, then, paddling with might and main to turn the canoe so as to be ready for the next descent.

  • Deist(Definition of deist)
  • "poor fellow! do ye really say so?" responded peter; "thirty pounds a-year!-and was that a'? and was ye really not an atheist or a deist, doctor, as the people gied ye out to be?"

  • Docent(Definition of Docent)
  • Isn't
  • Durst(Definition of Durst)
  • Dusty(Definition of dusty)
  • Disinter(Definition of disinter)
  • Indignity to the body, after death, was one of the most dreaded punishments of heresy and crime; to scatter human ashes to the winds, expose the skulls of malefactors in iron gratings over city portals, refuse interment in ground consecrated by the church, and disinter and insult the body of an unpopular ruler, were among the barbarous reprisals of offended power.

  • Dust(Definition of dust)
  • Dissent(Definition of dissent)
  • The parent of the infant sovereign, prince albert, was appointed regent, with the cordial approval of the nation; the dissent of the queen's uncle, the duke of sussex who, with a very misplaced ambition, urged instead the appointment of a council of regency, of which he hoped to become the most influential member, only serving to make the unanimity of the rest of the parliament more conspicuous.

  • Sent(Definition of sent)
  • Stint(Definition of stint)
  • Decent(Definition of decent)
  • He should not be allowed to appear with decent people.

  • Don't(Definition of don't)
  • Didn't
  • We was goin' to start then, but we didn't just know the way.

  • Desist(Definition of desist)
  • His muscles must be soft and flabby still, but though they shriek aloud to him to desist, he rains lusty blows with his axe, like one who has come upon the open for the first time in his life, and likes it.

  • Destiny(Definition of destiny)
  • Among those who directed the destiny of the pioneers of the new world the name of wolcott stands conspicuous.

  • Dupont
  • Dent(Definition of dent)
  • An expensive whim certainly, far exceeding the original estimate of its cost; and miss patty bewailed the "wicked extravagance of squandering money that would have built a handsome church, and supported for life two missionaries in mid-china"; but judge dent encouraged and approved, reviving his classical studies to facilitate the successful accomplishment of the scheme.

  • Disjoint(Definition of disjoint)
  • Take his verses and divest them of their rhymes, disjoint them in their numbers, transpose their expressions, make what arrangement and disposition you please of his words, yet shall there eternally be poetry, and something which will be found incapable of being resolved into absolute prose; an incontestible characteristic of a truly poetical genius.

  • Dusting
  • Dint(Definition of dint)
  • Zane and his brothers signed the treaty, and betty, by dint of much persuasion, prevailed on wetzel to bury the hatchet with the hurons.

  • Daunt(Definition of daunt)
  • So grand is the prize that failures will not daunt the europeans, still less alter their conviction.

  • Dustin
  • Doesn't
  • Dst
  • Destine(Definition of destine)
  • Did he who made me fashion me for hell, or destine me for heaven?

  • Dousing(Definition of dousing)
  • Snit
  • Tint(Definition of tint)
  • Dist
  • Judge 14th jud. dist.

  • Disunity(Definition of disunity)
  • Izz al-dawlas ascension would soon upset this balance, however, resulting in internal disunity.

  • Durant(Definition of durant)
  • Dosing
  • Disunite(Definition of disunite)
  • But, my lords, it was not sufficient for the designs of the french, that they had recovered their ancient allies the spaniards, unless they could disunite them from the emperour of germany: this it was, likewise, our interest to prevent, and yet this, likewise, we enabled them to effect; for they prevailed upon us to promise, in our stipulations with the spaniards, what they had not the least claim to demand, that spain, instead of neutral troops, should be introduced into italy, to secure certain successions there to a son of the queen of spain.

  • Dost(Definition of Dost)
  • Saint(Definition of saint)
  • Dainty(Definition of dainty)
  • Well, that's one good thing, he ain't dainty.

  • Design(Definition of design)
  • Instead of carrying out my original design, i developed an overpowering desire to do nothing of the sort.

65 words made from the letters dusint

3 letter words made from dusint:

nit, dis, tiu, dts, nut, iud, uni, din, tun, sin, nsu, sun, tin, dit, sit, uns, dun.

4 letter words made from dusint:

nits, duis, unti, dint, nuts, tuni, nudi, idun, stud, udin, ndut, suit, inst, tsui, nsui, nuit, udis, duni, dust, suin, duin, tuis, duit, tund, snit, dniu, inus, unit, tuin, stun.

5 letter words made from dusint:

dunst, dints, indus, dunis, tinus, nidus, dunts, studi, sudin, units, tinds, sundt, sutin, unitd, nuits, tunis, tunds, tidus.