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How to spell DUTCHED correctly?

The correct spelling of "dutched" is actually "Dutch". It refers to something from or related to the Netherlands, such as Dutch cheese or Dutch culture. To avoid misspelling, it's important to double check the spelling before using it in any context.

List of suggestions on how to spell dutched correctly

  • bitched
  • botched The doctor botched the surgery and now the patient is in more pain.
  • detached She tried to remain detached from the situation and not get emotionally involved.
  • Ditched I ditched my homework in favor of watching TV.
  • Ditches
  • douched
  • Ducked Jim ducked under the table.
  • dutch My friend is learning to speak Dutch.
  • etched The design was expertly etched onto the surface of the glass vase.
  • Fetched I fetched the blanket from the attic.
  • hatched The bird hatched from its egg and emerged into the world.
  • Hitched I hitched a ride home with my friends.
  • Itched I itched my mosquito bite until it started to bleed.
  • latched The door was latched shut, preventing anyone from entering the room.
  • Lurched The dinosaurs lurched across the landscape.
  • matched
  • notched The carpenter notched the wood to fit perfectly into the corner of the room.
  • patched I patched my jeans with iron-on patches.
  • pitched The pitcher pitched a perfect game, striking out every batter.
  • Retched I retched after eating that disgusting salad.
  • ruched The dress was beautifully ruched at the waist, accentuating the model's curves.
  • Watched I watched the sunset over the ocean and it was breathtaking.
  • Witched The townspeople believed that the strange happenings were due to a witched woman living in the woods.

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