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How to spell DUTYS correctly?

When it comes to correcting the misspelling "dutys", it is essential to remember the correct spelling is "duties". This common error can be avoided by checking spellings in dictionaries, proofreading or using spell-check tools. By implementing these simple suggestions, we can ensure accurate and polished writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell dutys correctly

  • dates I have a few dates circled on my calendar that are important to me.
  • days I have been waiting for days for my package to arrive.
  • DDTS Do you know what DDTS is?
  • DOTES My mother dotes on my sister and always buys her whatever she wants.
  • dots The dots on the map show the locations of all the accidents.
  • ducts The ducts in the warehouse were blocked.
  • dudes Dudes, I am getting a bit pregnant.
  • duds I donated all my old duds to the charity.
  • DUES I owe my dues to my old soccer coach for teaching me how to play.
  • duets The two famous singers are known for their beautiful duets.
  • duos The music industry has seen some great duos over the years.
  • dusts
  • dusty The old bookshelf in the attic was covered in a thick layer of dusty cobwebs.
  • Duties My duties include answering phone calls, responding to emails, and filing paperwork.
  • duty I have a duty to my son.
  • TTYS I need to contact my TTYS.
  • TUTS
  • tutus My best friend has the coolest tutus I've ever seen.

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