Correct spelling for DYFUNCTION

We think the word dyfunction is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dyfunction

  • defecation In a typical mammalian body such as the human body, the external body orifices are: The nostrils, for breathing and the associated sense of smell The mouth, for eating, breathing, and vocalizations such as speech The ear canals, for the sense of hearing The nasolacrimal ducts, to carry tears from the lacrimal sac into the nasal cavity The anus, for defecation In males, the urinary meatus, for urination and ejaculation In females, the urinary meatus, for urination In females, the vagina, for menstruation, sexual intercourse and childbirth The nipple orifices Other animals may have some other body orifices: cloaca, in birds, reptiles, amphibians, and some other animals siphon in mollusk, arthropods, and some other animals
  • defection Amidst this disaffection of a large number of the chiefs of the army, the defection of Bavaria was learned, and gave an added strength to the anxiety and discontent inspired by the Emperor's resolution; and then occurred what had never taken place before: his staff united their entreaties that he should abandon his plans in regard to Berlin, and march on Leipzig.
  • definition Burke's definition of a Bristol merchant is truly characteristic.
  • deflection A corresponding negative deflection resulted on vibrating the wire B. Now A was released from the clamp, so that it could be rotated backwards and forwards in the water by means of the handle.
  • dysfunction Dysautonomia or autonomic dysfunction is a condition in which the autonomic nervous system (ANS) does not work properly.
  • function The owners had a positive function, for which their estates were essential.
  • truncation In four-dimensional geometry, a cantellated 5-cell is a convex uniform 4-polytope, being a cantellation (a 2nd order truncation, up to edge-planing) of the regular 5-cell.

280 words made from the letters dyfunction

4 letter words made from dyfunction:

duin, fidy, tidy, nudi, fdic, yuin, indo, yunn, font, coif, odin, nicu, noyd, funo, tofu, toci, tiny, yont, doun, toun, duct, oyid, tund, ftio, iuno, udon, cfdt, nuon, idun, cuit, fuit, dufy, duni, onny, dyno, noun, inny, fynn, cony, nido, coud, nodi, tyin, yidu, finn, nicy, cyon, unco, nuoc, cuon, fund, nuit, unio, udot, cody, dniu, duit, ufot, city, nucd, ndou, youd, unni, conn, donu, find, youn, todi, onuf, dony, tuny, tuoi, uict, unit, udin, yifu, otic, oufi, nyco, nyon, yino, yuni, nito, cuyo, yuft, nunc, onni, nout, oncf, udny, toyi, tuno, duco, foyn, cunt, doft, dinn, tody, yuon, doin, fond, fuyo, tuin, undo, docf, nonu, youi, duty, foni, fcdu, cnut, ofid, dyin, iton, cuti, donc, ndut, unti, itno, cudi, fudo, inyo, iynu, nuno, tuni, cuif, oiyd, tido, innu, foyt, foud, coin, tion, icon, dint, duoc, tufo, info.

5 letter words made from dyfunction:

fundo, cynon, untin, uninc, nicon, incut, ifyou, tunny, dunin, nicot, cundi, ydufc, fount, unfit, tondu, youif, unify, nyunt, dinty, youin, douin, cuito, niton, dicot, tonic, yundi, niyof, cundy, yudin, intuc, inonu, fondu, dynic, tonny, yount, unyon, nutin, otfcu, fonti, iunno, fundy, notin, funny, union, fonty, foind, diouf, duino, douty, donut, foudy, ufton, dynon, yonic, dufty, ycond, nyoni, tincu, ifnot, finot, unitd, tunic, tinny, cound, ontic, nyoun, cyton, tonin, dinon, count, onuci, nifty, finno, tonci, unoci, nouny, cunny, yudof, nicod, uncoy, dicto, ionut, coity, nintu, fondi, cinto, outdi, fonic, found, conti, tondi, unity, futon, nufin, yinon.

3 letter words made from dyfunction:

icy, cut, tnf, tin, ion, oft, iud, con, cio, don, nut, nun, coy, ton, din, nod, nit, dun, utc, toy, ufo, dit, fun, not, tun, cot, icu, out, ido, duo, uni, cud, iod, oct, inn, dot, ifc, tod, iou, tic, fit, otc, oui, fin, doc, yon, tiu.

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