Correct spelling for EAASTERN

We think the word eaastern is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for eaastern

  • Astern
  • Dan's voice hurled astern before the echoes died.

  • Eaten
  • He has eaten every bit of the honey."

  • Western
  • But be sure that in me and the western lords lies your only hope.

  • Stern
  • The stern aunt in question snatched up her niece to cover her with kisses.

  • Pastern
  • 'on examination i found the horse unable to place any weight on the off fore-leg, the pastern was swollen and painful, the hollow of the heel was also swollen, and there was marked constitutional disturbance.

  • Austen
  • Austen, jane, 272. awkward age, the, 189 ff.

  • Aston
  • They continued their employment and mr. aston sat down to write a letter.

  • Eastern
  • The light suddenly became brighter-a cloud having passed off the eastern sky.

  • Easterner
  • Then the easterner went to the railroad wanting the bill passed and got $7,000 on his absolute promise that he would get senator x. to vote for it, who, of course, did vote for it.

  • Aster
  • Heterotheca pumila, called the alpine goldenaster, is a north american species of flowering plant in the aster family.

  • Easter
  • All the other great civil dignitaries were ordered to be at their posts on easter sunday.

  • Ester
  • A carboxylate is a salt or ester of a carboxylic acid.

255 words made from the letters eaastern

3 letter words made from eaastern:

ert, ane, ese, tan, set, ana, ate, see, tee, ten, ene, tea, eat, ras, sen, ara, are, aas, ret, ern, ent, res, ter, eta, era, ear, sat, rat, rna, est, net, ant, nee, art, tar, sea, aar, ans, esr.

5 letter words made from eaastern:

neste, senat, ratan, reste, aster, arete, asean, saren, esera, stare, sanea, estan, asare, teras, antas, astre, ratae, eaten, rasen, naret, tense, enset, rente, ertan, rants, atene, netas, ranta, enets, seren, enter, tarea, teres, strae, seena, reens, sente, tener, tears, steer, rnase, aenea, anese, ratee, rasta, ratna, terns, sarna, nears, rents, enate, snare, seert, raste, teera, aerts, arent, easer, seaer, ntare, ranat, sneer, resen, aasen, retes, seare, tarns, anees, ratas, trese, rates, trans, reata, renes, satre, netes, arena, reate, anser, rasna, sater, aeras, renta, teens, satna, staar, atsea, arsan, tarna, saran, neset, taean, stena, terse, tsana, nates, tensa, seret, seeta, stene, nease, netra, senta, tenes, ernst, ranee, tasar, stern, asten, eater, earnt, terna, earns, etens, terne, ranas, erent, reest, tesna, saare, ernes, etnas, taesa, reans, erste, ansar, arens, erase, tease, reset, reast, tares, teare, saner, entre, esten, asner, rense, tanas, naree, nerts, arnes, raese, saree, ester, anter, eanes, stran, teers, esata, asena.