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How to spell EAIER correctly?

If you accidentally spelled "eaier" instead of "easier", here are some correct suggestions: "eager", "earlier" or "empire". However, if you meant to say "easier", that is the correct spelling for describing something less difficult. Double-check your meaning to ensure your message is conveyed correctly.

List of suggestions on how to spell eaier correctly

  • air I love the crisp feel of fresh air in the morning.
  • Amer
  • aver I aver that I am innocent of the charges against me.
  • e'er He promised to love her e'er the sun sets in the west.
  • eager
  • ear I stuck my ear next to the speaker to hear the music better.
  • earlier I woke up earlier than usual today.
  • earner As the family's primary earner, my father worked long hours to support us.
  • ease The medication will ease the pain in your back.
  • easier It is easier to learn a new language when you are young.
  • eater
  • EAVE
  • edgier She was feeling edgier than usual and wasn't sure why.
  • eerier As the sun began to set, the old abandoned house became eerier and eerier with each passing moment.
  • eider The eider is a species of duck that is known for its thick down feathers.
  • emir The emir was furious when he saw the damage done to his palace.
  • erie
  • ever
  • ewer The elegant ewer was filled with fresh flowers and placed on the mantel.
  • Meier My aunt lives in Meier.

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