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How to spell EAIGHT correctly?

The correct way to spell eaight is "eight". It is a common mistake to switch the "i" and "g" in this word. Remember to double-check your spelling when typing or writing to avoid errors like this. You can use autocorrect or a dictionary to help you with spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell eaight correctly

  • alight I always let my passengers alight from the bus before I close the doors.
  • aright I hope I have understood your request aright.
  • aught
  • bight I love to kayak in the calm bight waters of the bay.
  • eight I have eight books to read for my history class.
  • eighth Tom finished eighth in the race, just missing out on a medal.
  • eights The figure skater landed a perfect triple axel and followed it with graceful eights.
  • eighty
  • fight I will have to fight my way through this difficult situation.
  • height The height of the mountain was imposing.
  • light The sun rose and flooded the room with light.
  • might
  • night I am staying up all night to finish my essay.
  • right I always turn right when I leave my house.
  • sight I lost my sight in a severe accident five years ago.
  • tight The jar lid was on so tight that I couldn't open it.
  • weight
  • wight The wight lurking in the shadows scared the adventurer half to death.

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