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How to spell EARING correctly?

One possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "earing" could be "hearing", which is the correct spelling of the act of perceiving sound. Another possible correct suggestion could be "earing", as it is a rare variant spelling of the word "erring", which means to make a mistake.

List of suggestions on how to spell earing correctly

  • airing The show will be airing every Monday night at 8 PM.
  • baring Baring her soul, she told him everything that had been weighing on her mind.
  • bearing
  • caring I find it important to be caring towards others, even in small ways.
  • daring She was daring enough to approach the lion in its cage.
  • Earning
  • earring
  • easing The government is implementing policies aimed at easing the burden on small businesses during these challenging times.
  • eating She was eating breakfast while scrolling through her social media feed.
  • Erin
  • erring He acknowledged his erring ways and asked for forgiveness.
  • Faring I hope our team is faring well in the tournament.
  • Fearing Fearing the approach of the storm, the hikers quickly packed up their gear and started back down the mountain.
  • gearing The company is currently gearing up for a major product launch.
  • haring
  • hearing I am looking forward to hearing about your new job.
  • Nearing The end of the semester is nearing, and I still have several assignments to complete.
  • Oaring He was oaring so hard that his arms felt like they would fall off.
  • paring The chef was in the process of paring the vegetables for the soup.
  • raring I am raring to try the new burger joint that just opened up in town.
  • rearing He was always interested in rearing animals on his farm, and spent most of his time with them.
  • Searing The sun was soaring in the sky and the temperature was searing.
  • Taring I am taring the ingredients for this recipe.
  • tearing I was tearing up after his announcement.
  • Waring Igarashi was wielding a waring knife.
  • wearing I can't believe she's wearing my old shirt.

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