Correct spelling for EARPEICES

We think the word earpeices is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for earpeices

  • apiece "Then it means," he said, "that the man didn't sell his sixteen sheep; he just counted them worth two dollars apiece.
  • auspices So, under auspices not the most pleasant, Hector's school life began.
  • earpiece A man appeared wearing a microphone and earpiece headset.
  • species Surely no being would carry a weapon for use against members of its own or another intelligent species.
  • Apexes The barrel vault structure must rest on long walls creating less stable lateral stress, whereas the groin vault design can direct stresses almost purely vertically on the apexes.
  • Espies
  • Spices
  • appeases It is solely by instinct that we perform numberless involuntary movements, just as it is by instinct that we possess curiosity, that we run after novelty, that menaces terrify us, that contempt irritates us, that an air of submission appeases us, and that tears soften us.
  • epics
  • pieces
  • arises First of all, force arises from conviction.
  • APSES Mr. Outwood, whose thoughts were occupied with apses and plinths, not to mention cromlechs, at the time, thanked the sergeant with absent minded politeness and passed on. Later he remembered the fact apropos of some reflections on the subject of burglars in medieval England, and passed it on to Mr. Downing as they walked back to lunch.
  • papacies
  • eyepieces
  • coaxings The repast that Solomon spread for them on that evening was scarce tasted, and to all his coaxings and remonstrances the boys made no reply.
  • coevality
  • de-cadency
  • de-ducted
  • de-ducting

289 words made from the letters earpeices

3 letter words made from earpeices:

epi, ies, pei, rap, pes, pic, prc, irs, ice, pea, era, par, are, ese, psa, spa, sic, ras, rep, cis, ira, cia, pie, cpr, pee, epa, ape, ire, air, cer, car, pac, cps, crp, pre, sir, pia, esr, per, sec, eec, sea, apr, cap, cpi, see, res, rip, ear, apc, cpa, sap, sip, arc, asp, sep, pas, arp, aec, ace, psi, sac.

5 letter words made from earpeices:

aspic, epice, acres, pesci, rapee, paesi, acris, sepia, aspie, parce, peice, prece, capri, crepe, pries, scrip, ceras, recap, spica, casei, caere, spire, pairs, epees, scape, arise, perec, peira, space, sarpi, crisp, ceres, raise, peres, pesra, sipra, paese, caper, caspi, creep, capre, peace, cease, reais, prise, seier, sapei, arcee, raese, erase, resia, preas, scire, espie, perai, aesir, crape, piece, reaps, seria, peras, aerie, seree, perie, esera, speer, csere, reise, presi, spree, pires, saree, aries, riese, prcis, peire, eerie, pesar, erice, acies, repse, epics, riepe, pirae, seare, sacer, perca, serei, erica, saric, peria, capes, spare, seaer, piere, peers, scare, pisca, sirpa, pasic, price, paree, prica, perea, crais, serpe, craps, scree, ieper, isere, siree, ispra, spier, acree, seper, repas, acier, picea, scrae, asper, sapir, scrap, serpa, caire, easer, spaer, recai, peaer, pesce, spear, peare, parse, paser, prese, paris, sacri, persi, pares, pisar, esper, cares, spice, saper, reces, pacer, asier, cisar, scarp, pasir, preca, parsi, rices, eeepc, cerae.

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