Correct spelling for EASTILY

We think the word eastily is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for eastily

  • beastly Beastly wet for you, I'm afraid, but there's worse things than rain in India.
  • easily He did it as easily as if it were play, and so it seemed to be for him.
  • easterly The nearest water now to us that I knew of was at Fort Mueller, but I decided to return to it by a different route from that we had arrived on, and as some hills lay north-easterly, and some were pretty high, we went away in that direction.
  • hastily But she drew it hastily away, and her forehead contracted.
  • lastly I knew that when I made my proposals to Margaret, I must be prepared to act on them on the instant; I knew that her father's fury when he discovered that I had been helping to educate his daughter only for myself, would lead him to any extremities; I knew that we must fly to some foreign country; and, lastly, I knew the importance of securing a provision for our maintenance, when we got there.
  • lustily The people, evidently in the humour to greet every incident of the streets as part of a show prepared for their diversion, cheered lustily as the carriages dashed across the square; and Odo, turning to a man at his elbow, asked who the distinguished visitors might be.
  • mistily Over all was the monotony of the gray sky, descending and still descending with clouds that came upon the land, mistily folding it in close embraces of death.
  • nastily
  • tastily
  • testily
  • vastly
  • Mustily
  • Estela
  • gustily

234 words made from the letters eastily

5 letter words made from eastily:

lisey, islay, aisle, eilts, salty, saite, aesti, isley, liste, astle, sitel, lyase, alist, eatly, listy, itasy, steal, ilyas, talsi, sital, slite, setai, salie, stale, yalie, leist, leats, silay, islet, selya, salei, least, litas, yatil, teyla, estai, yites, yetis, silat, istel, seyit, steyl, asyet, styli, salit, seiya, slaty, salet, seita, aysel, tiley, saety, teals, alite, ieast, sitae, tails, litsa, etail, selat, sayle, style, isaly, stile, teays, aelst, altis, isely, alesi, yeats, stila, tisly, telia, aylet, tilse, leity, setia, sayel, ailes, itals, aytes, steai, asity, slate, tsali, talei, stiel, ailey, yelts, stela, yeast, satie, steil, tilea, tesla, stael, yales, setal, teils, laity, silty, etlis, taels, tiles, leisy, sealy, styal, liest, eltis, ayles, laeti, estil.

3 letter words made from eastily:

lea, als, sat, let, lei, tea, ali, ate, lit, est, tai, alt, sty, tay, lie, sle, tie, say, yea, asl, ail, set, lat, lay, ies, tia, sea, sly, ley, yes, ale, lye, yet, sit, eat, eta.

4 letter words made from eastily:

ilet, lies, elya, yeti, late, lays, aiye, seat, leit, lets, atle, liet, eyas, eats, tayi, taei, slay, siya, slat, ytis, salt, lest, leti, leys, esla, tail, yale, yeta, tiye, isay, sita, tile, slit, teal, tael, seay, seli, sylt, lisy, silt, east, lity, sail, tsay, seya, tays, siye, ties, easy, stye, tale, isle, tyas, yeas, liye, yasi, itsy, etsy, laye, teli, tyes, yali, syli, slye, ayts, ealy, lite, list, sayi, esty, tiya, sial, stay, sale, seta, lats, siel, sate, ayte, seal, site, laie, tiel, elia, last, lyta.

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