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How to spell EATE correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "eate", fear not, as there are several correct suggestions to improve your spelling skills. Possible alternatives could include "eat", "eater" or "ate". Remember to proofread and utilize spell-check to avoid this mistake in future writing endeavors.

List of suggestions on how to spell eate correctly

  • ATE I already ate breakfast, but I'm still feeling hungry.
  • bate He tried to bate his nerves before his job interview.
  • date I am excited for our date night on Friday.
  • EAE
  • EAFE EAFE stands for Europe, Australasia and Far East and refers to a popular stock index.
  • ease I find that practicing yoga brings me a sense of ease and relaxation.
  • EAT I usually like to eat breakfast foods for dinner.
  • eaten The cake had already been eaten before I arrived at the party.
  • eater The competitive eater devoured 100 hotdogs in just 10 minutes.
  • eats The little girl eats breakfast every morning.
  • eave The eave of the roof provided some shade from the scorching sun.
  • elate Winning the championship really helped to elate the team and boost their morale.
  • fate It is said that our fate is already written in the stars.
  • gate She opened the gate and walked towards the garden.
  • hate I hate it when people talk on their phones in quiet places like a library.
  • Kate Kate is planning to study abroad next semester.
  • late I was so late to class, my professor wouldn't let me in.
  • mate I usually hang out with my mate on the weekends.
  • Nate Nate is a trustworthy and dependable friend.
  • pate The chef served the pate on a small slice of toasted bread with a dollop of fig jam.
  • rate The conversion rate for the website needs to be improved to boost sales.
  • sate I always order extra rice to sate my hunger when I eat at my favorite Thai restaurant.
  • Tate Tate Modern is a popular contemporary art museum in London.

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