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How to spell EATRY correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "eatry", it is important to suggest suitable alternatives for clarification. Possible correct suggestions include "eatery", meaning a place serving food or "entry", referring to a means of access or an item submitted for consideration. By proposing these accurate alternatives, confusion can be avoided, and communication can proceed smoothly.

List of suggestions on how to spell eatry correctly

  • airy The living room felt large and airy with its high ceilings and big windows.
  • ATTY
  • awry The plan went awry when the unexpected rain started pouring down.
  • dairy I need to pick up some milk and cheese from the dairy section at the grocery store.
  • deary
  • eat
  • eaten
  • eater The restaurant critic was known to be a voracious eater.
  • eaters
  • eatery It's an eatery.
  • Eaton Thaddeus Eaton was a entrepreneur and industrialist.
  • eats
  • emery She wore emery boards to remove the embedded hair.
  • Emory
  • entry I have an entry for the contest.
  • every I try to eat healthy every day.
  • retry I will need to retry the experiment with a different set of variables.
  • tarry
  • teary As she listened to the emotional speech, her eyes grew teary.
  • try After seeing the spider, I wanted to try and get the cricket.
  • watery The watery substance was streaming down her face.

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