Correct spelling for EBLE

We think the word eble is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for eble

  • abbe Abbe Rose's tender smile again appeared, and he waved his hand as if to say that one must never despair of love.
  • abel Abel Baragar drew himself up.
  • able Will you ever be able to forgive your father?
  • ably One writer, who ably advocates the new count, calls the present game "Royal Auction Bridge," yet frankly admits that No-trump is still played more frequently than Royals, and Hearts almost as often.
  • ale "And now, ma'am," said he as Tom joined them, and seated himself on a vacant chair, "I'm sure you must draw famous ale."
  • amble Come on, fellows, let's amble-I'm hungry."
  • bale No man ever had to lift another bale of cotton as long as I worked there.
  • belie Hans Becher did not belie his name.
  • bell My dear Lady Bell!
  • belle But she was such a belle and so busy drawing young men to her, that she did not give much time to any other drawing.
  • bible The Great Bible was set up in Paris.
  • bile Mr. Evan MacIan began to read this quite idly, as he would have read a public statement beginning with a young girl dying in Brighton and ending with Bile Beans.
  • blue "And a 'Congregational House' on one side and a 'Presbyterian House' on the other," cried Ethel Blue.
  • bole A squirrel ran down the bole of a dead birch tree and watched the pair with his sharp eyes for some moments before venturing to earth.
  • cable It was a cable.
  • eagle Then suddenly he saw a great brown eagle sailing towards it.
  • ebb It was just at the time when her spirits were at their lowest ebb that the girl turned to her suddenly and caught her by the arm.
  • ebro Finally, the inhabitants of the Ebro basin, a region where the dry Tertiary soil of Castile is combined with many characteristics of the Secondary tracts, afford a curious mixture of Castilian with Basque or Valencian traits.
  • edible He also enumerates as edible Boletus luteus, Fr.
  • eel "Out in the rivulet dwelt eels, and the eel-mother said to her daughters, when they begged to be allowed to go a little way alone up the stream.
  • elbe The ships of greatest burden come up within two miles of the city; the lesser ships, whereof there be a great number, and the great boats, come up within the town to the very doors of their houses, by the branches of the Elbe, to the great advantage of their trading.
  • ell It had evidently started out as a one-roomed, Spanish 'adobe,' and, as the needs of the family demanded it, an ell had been added here, a room there, like cells in a bee-hive, until now it covered a good deal of territory, still keeping its one-storied, Mission-like character.
  • emile A murmur of surprise escaped Emile.
  • enable Here a hide girdle was put round my waist and secured to the ring by a rope long enough to enable me to run to the edge of the stone and no further.
  • euler But might not other forces, by combining with attraction, produce gradually increasing perturbations as Newton and Euler dreaded?
  • fable A. There will be no judgment day; that is all a fable so that preachers could scare people and hold them in their grasp.
  • feeble Hobart explained that this cousin had remained in the army from choice, and that his father, old and feeble, naturally shrank from a journey to which he was scarcely equal.
  • gable The sun surged through the kitchen door and east window, a returned oriole swung and fluted on the elm above the gable.
  • idle Meanwhile Harold had not been idle.
  • isle Here we encountered a boat, just landing a fresh cargo of lively savages from the Emerald Isle.
  • noble We have found you great and noble.
  • oboe Or I hear a reedy nasal upper note, and I know that an oboe has been mended of its complaint and that in these dark days of winter it yearns for a woodside stream and the return of spring.
  • ogle Dan Ogle sat on the bank beside Viney, facing the river, and there told him the tale he had heard from Mrs. Grimes.
  • pebble That sound, by dwindling years Heard in each hour, crept off; and then The ruffled silence spread again, Like water that a pebble stirs.
  • rebel Ramseur, General, C.S.A. Ransom, General, C.S.A. Rebel Yell.
  • ruble In fact, in a short time there came into the room an officer of the garrison, who was always hovering round Lukhnof; a Greek merchant with a huge hooked nose, cinnamon complexion, and deep-set black eyes; a stout, puffy proprietor, a brandy-distiller who gambled all night long, and always made his stakes on the basis of half a ruble.
  • sable Now our purpose was to penetrate into the low, hot, wooded country along the coast known as the Shimba Hills in quest of a rare beast called the sable antelope.
  • table Shall we have the pleasure of waiting on you at the table?
  • Abler The character and history of the girl is no romance, for Susan is taken from actual existence; still the fallacy of the current ideas on the subject of lunacy and its laws has been already exposed by an abler pictorial pen than that of the writer.
  • Blew The Rangar shook his head, blew smoke through his nose and laughed.
  • Ebbed Alice's face blazed red to the roots of her sunny hair; the color ebbed, giving place to a pallor like death.
  • bbl Ch., Bbl. of C., for Troy, N. C.
  • Ebola In 2014, the 101st Airborne Division Headquarters deployed to west Africa to help contain the spread of Ebola, as part of Operation United Assistance.
  • Abe What will you take for that thunderstorm, Abe?
  • Eben Eben worked so hard all the morning that his father was greatly surprised.
  • Eli "You are a wonderful man, and a generous man, Mr. Pendoggat," said Eli.
  • Elba Enter Elba as that girl's husband, or go there to own it, and girls will crawl to you."
  • Ella Harvey D. and Ella and even grandfather-they all jump through hoops for him, the cowards!
  • Berle The Friars Club of Beverly Hills (also known as the Friars Club of California) was a private show business club started in 1947 by comedian/actor Milton Berle, among other celebrities who had moved from New York.
  • Earle Mrs Earle was looking more discontented than ever.
  • Ole Boys, our ole kummerade's wiped out for sartin.
  • Ellie Ellie pours out a cup greedily.
  • Mable Baldwin Haston (1860), Joseph Rolla Baldwin (1863), Rachel Irene Baldwin(1865) Harold Baldwin (1868), Norma Mable Baldwin (1870), and Zoe Lenore Baldwin Sublette (1874).
  • Eula Found that end-user license agreements (EULA) are enforceable in some cases.
  • Bela "Keep your fish," said Bela.
  • ebbs She is one of the drops in the tide that ebbs and flows on Twenty-third Street-a discontented woman placed in a false position by our absurd customs.
  • BL The world is full of inconstancy; its friendship ceases the moment there is no advantage to be expected from us. -BL. JOHN TAULER.
  • DBL The Dutch Basketball League (DBL) All-Defense Team is a team constituted by the best defensive players in a season of the Dutch Basketball League, the highest professional basketball league in the Netherlands.
  • EFL Daniel Adshead (born 2 September 2001) is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for EFL League One side Rochdale.
  • BLU Action Bronson and The Alchemist - Rare Chandeliers "Big Body Bes (Intro)" "Rare Chandeliers" "The Symbol" "Sylvester Lundgren" (featuring Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner) "Randy The Musical" "Demolition Men" (featuring Schoolboy Q) "Eggs On The Third Floor" "Modern Day Revelations" (featuring Roc Marciano) "Dennis Haskins" "Bitch I Deserve You" (featuring Evidence) "Gateway To Wizardy" (featuring Styles P) "Blood Of The Goat" (featuring Big Twin & Sean Price) "Mike Vick" "Feinds Jean Jacket" "Drugs & Cheese on a Roll Mix" "Brown Bag Wrap" Schoolboy Q - Habits & Contradictions "My Homie" Slaughterhouse - On the House "All On Me" Styles P - The Diamond Life Project "The Myth" Termanology & Lil Fame - Fizzyology "Fizzyology" The Alchemist - Russian Roulette Entire album The Alchemist - Yacht Rock (EP) (Side A) (featuring Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Oh No) (Side B) (featuring Big Twins, Chuck Inglish & Blu) Willie The Kid - The Cure 2 "Waste Not.
  • EBAY In March 2006 the news that Blue Peter badges were available for sale on auction websites such as eBay attracted a great deal of media interest, with the suspicion that the right to free entry was being abused.
  • ESL Adult and Concurrent High School Diploma Programs Bridge Program (to transition to community college or vocational training) SAT & ACT Prep TOEFL Prep / TOEFL Testing ESL Programs Literacy Program Parent Education Program Senior Adult Enrichment Classes (e.

11 words made from the letters eble

3 letter words made from eble:

lee, bel, bee, eel.

4 letter words made from eble:

bele, ebel, beel, elbe, lebe, eble, leeb.

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