What is the correct spelling for EDECATION?

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Correct spelling for EDECATION

We think the word edecation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for edecation

  • abdication But as a necessary abdication of all household power made no part of Graeme's trouble, except as she might sometimes doubt the chances of a prosperous administration for her successor, she was able to restrain all outward evidence of discomfort and indignation.
  • addiction The Countess of Cressett-an extraordinary instance of a thrice married woman corrected in her addiction to play by her alliance with a rakish juvenile-declares she performs the part of hostess at the request of the Countess of Fleetwood.
  • coeducation Coeducation remained rare in boarding school stories.
  • dedication She lived quietly and alone, keeping house for her father, was clever and diligent, and never attended a dance, not even at Whitsuntide nor on Dedication Day.
  • deduction Yet the dispassionate historian will be able to make very little deduction from the vast mass of infamy with which the memory of the wicked judge has been loaded.
  • detection Occasionally they escaped detection, but generally tasted the sting of the whip-lash as it curled viciously backward.
  • diction The first is its form, including diction, sentences, paragraphs, and arrangement.
  • edification There was general regret among the parishioners at his departure: not that any one of them thought his spiritual gifts pre-eminent, or was conscious of great edification from his ministry.
  • edition 295. In the former edition this and the next five lines were given to Pater Coelestis.
  • education He has had a good grammar-school education, and Arthur is quite put out to discover that Will is better than he at his Latin and Greek, in those days forming a large part of a good education.
  • educational The reaction of educational reformers against linguistic and bookish training has always taken the form of demanding recourse to personal experience.
  • ejection Gazing at its bare and ghastly heights, one of our party, whose wit was soured by the want of fresh bread, surlily remarked that such a heap of ugliness deserved ejection from heaven,-an irreverence too public to escape general denunciation.
  • election I'll be able to vote at that election."
  • equation I have my own life to live, my own destiny to follow; my individual equation to solve, and for me nothing exists in the universe.
  • eradication Jamaica transshipment point for cocaine from South America to North America and Europe; illicit cultivation and consumption of cannabis; government has an active manual cannabis eradication program; corruption is a major concern; substantial money-laundering activity; Colombian narcotics traffickers favor Jamaica for illicit financial transactions
  • evacuation But even while the evacuation was in progress British vessels were captured in the harbor, and now in sight of the squadron and its Highlanders was taken the richest store-ship that had yet fallen into American hands.
  • eviction If the body does not yet fill the hollow, the inhabitant clings desperately to it, wedging itself with wonderful plasticity into odd corners and against niches, resisting to the last efforts at eviction.
  • evocation Since what we call beauty is the evocation of these two confronted existences, the existing thing which we call the soul and the existing thing which we call the objective mystery, it follows that there resides, as a potentiality, in the nature of the objective mystery, the capacity for being converted into Beauty at the touch of the soul.
  • indication Beauty of tone, then, is the truest indication of proper vocal action.
  • medication Soon after this an itching eruption came all over her, which subsided without any further medication.
  • redaction Proposed classification of Class Bivalvia (under the redaction of Rüdiger Bieler, Joseph G.
  • reduction Sugar-duties, Sir Robert Peel's ministry is defeated on a reduction of.
  • seduction The prudent Spaniard was led to make this confidence because he had heard of Montefiore in Italy, and knowing his reputation was desirous to let him see how strong were the barriers which protected the young girl from the possibility of seduction.
  • Educating He complied, sent him to a grammar school, then to Eton, and, dying, left the means of educating his ward at Oxford.
  • educations Casting my eyes round the circle, I was struck with the singular prevalence of the cacoethes scribendi, among so many men of different educations, antecedents, and pursuits.
  • reeducation Those who complied with the order were told that they would be sent for "reeducation" at a camp in Battambang on April 28.

391 words made from the letters edecation

3 letter words made from edecation:

doe, cat, ene, nee, cio, din, oct, den, eec, edo, oed, ect, ate, ice, dec, eat, ode, dit, don, ida, ace, ani, ceo, eon, aid, tee, tai, ido, tan, doa, tao, iod, ant, not, etc, eta, ado, can, con, ton, net, dat, nad, tia, oca, ion, nec, ted, tea, doc, ent, aec, cia, tie, end, dia, act, oat, neo, tin, tic, one, dna, tad, die, ten, tec, dot, nit, ane, cot, ain, toe, otc, cad, ade, tod, nod.

5 letter words made from edecation:

danto, tiene, toned, ideon, ticao, cinoa, coati, einat, cante, diaco, daten, iteco, atone, edain, canto, entia, canet, ciano, donta, toein, conta, danic, oecad, tined, odein, denti, naito, cinta, adoni, cnote, taide, datin, nicot, tinca, natio, tanec, doten, neeco, caito, diact, todai, oncet, conti, denio, tandi, ndeti, cedit, canio, diene, anido, enate, noica, odeen, inetd, tinea, adeni, anted, ocean, tenia, tence, cotai, indeo, acene, coted, idant, dante, niota, ditan, toica, citee, incae, ianto, toine, antic, nicad, eaned, onate, ceedo, tondi, cotan, etian, danti, canoe, noite, coade, tocai, ecoid, adeno, cient, dotan, ocain, ideen, intoe, coden, tenco, actin, dance, dence, itoen, cando, octad, eneco, enide, eaten, dicto, tecno, edite, caton, todea, ainee, ciona, danco, canot, ctene, oaten, donee, octan, cinae, tendo, enact, doina, ontic, acned, otani, ation, cinto, aoide, aceto, anode, atend, iacon, teide, teian, netco, nocte, adone, noted, coate, teneo, nieto, dente, acide, ciena, atoni, aneto, aiton, canid, centi, aodin, tiden, cente, teano, daito, neeti, actio, danio, tonci, diate, tonic, iodan, cadet, atene, acone, icade, edict, indec, tiede, deice, tiano, diena, tende, etica, tanco, deine, inced, otaci, naide, caion, niece, ecton, teaed, eatin, cione, nicod, tieon, neato, niete, dicot.

4 letter words made from edecation:

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