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How to spell EDME correctly?

If you meant to type "edme" but it's not the correct spelling, here are some possible suggestions: "edema" is the swelling caused by excess fluid retention in body tissues, "Edie" is a popular nickname for the name Edith, and "edible" refers to something that is safe to eat. Be sure to check the intended context for the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell edme correctly

  • acme The company reached the acme of success with its latest product launch.
  • ADM ADM is a global agribusiness that provides food and feed ingredients.
  • admen The admen worked tirelessly to create the perfect advertising campaign for their client.
  • adze The adze is a sharp tool used for cutting wood.
  • dame The aspiring actress was thrilled to receive the lead role of the dame in the upcoming Christmas pantomime.
  • dime
  • dome The dome of the cathedral rose high above the surrounding buildings.
  • ed I ed the document before sending it out.
  • edam I was feeling a bit edam-ed today.
  • edda The Edda is a collection of Old Norse poems and tales about Norse mythology.
  • Eddie Eddie called me to tell me that he was out of town and wouldn't be able to meet up with me.
  • eddy I am not sure what to make of her new eddy.
  • edema Her swollen ankles were the result of edema caused by heart failure.
  • eden Adam and Eve lived in Eden.
  • edge I'm glad I don't have an edge.
  • edger Across the street from my house is an ornamental fence with a metal railing, also known as a edger.
  • edit
  • Edna Edna was quite surprised by the news.
  • edp Edp stands for energizing Drag and Pull.
  • EDS I needed to update my EDS software.
  • EDT The EDT time zone is in effect from 8 PM to 7 AM EST.
  • EDUC The EDUC conference was exceptional this year, providing valuable insight and information.
  • educe She tried to educe her sister to talk about her troubles.
  • elm I am walking through the elm forest.
  • Elma After a long delay, Elma finally showed up.
  • Elmer The student named Elmer was picked last for kickball.
  • Elmo The Sesame Street character Elmo is always up for a good time.
  • em
  • Emma She is the new Emma.
  • emmy She was Emmy-nominated for her role on "The Office.
  • EMT
  • emu
  • Erma
  • idle He knew he couldn't afford to be idle if he wanted to finish all the work on time.
  • ode I can't sit here any longer, I need to get up and ode to nature
  • tame
  • time
  • tome I checked out a massive tome on the history of philosophy from the library.

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